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BGO Online Casino was originally founded in 2007 with the intent of pleasing gamers from the many areas around the world. A 2012 copyright is also in place. Currently they are still working on a license for the UK but have a license in the Alderney. BGO’ Online Casino’s software includes Netent, IGT, and microgaming. Still, this casino serves many individuals around the world with few restrictions to certain countries. Country restrictions include Afghanistan, Belgium, Denmark, France, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Nigeria, Spain, Turkey, and the United States of America. Individuals from the restricted countries listed may however play the free trials that are available.

The BGO Online Casino currently defaults its language setting to English and its currency setting to GBP. BGO accepts payment from Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Ukash, PayPal though other options are still being worked out. It currently offers live chat for limited working hours every day of the week but offers gaming non-stop. The BGO Online Casino is a live online casino with a properly working mobile edition available.

The BGO Online Casino has all of the perks of an actual casino without ever actually having to leave your home. There are well over 100 popular casino games to choose from promising that there will be something out there for everyone. The atmosphere is personal and there is absolutely no waiting for any of the instant games available.

The staff at this online casino is incredibly helpful. These individuals are always willing to answer questions quickly, cleanly, and accurately ensuring that the gaming experience will be nothing short of excellent for any and all users.

Casino Games:
There is an excellent variety of slot games, traditional reel games, roulette, Blackjack, poker, and many more that are available day or night. Many games even allow the player to play in live tournaments for as long as their heart desires.

The graphics of the games are absolutely stunning. A crystal clear image beautifully slides across the screen as the user clicks any game that they’d like. The flashing is there, the music is there, and the fun is most certainly there! There is minimal waiting while the games load and maximum playing time for those who wish to play for hours at a time.

Just as with any good casino, BGO Online Casino offers live play table games. These games are played in live time with a group of people who are also ready to play. There are usually about five games that are ready to be played at any time. These games include the classic table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Unlimited Blackjack, and Casino Hold’em though they are subject to change at any given time. Table games are played on a table with multiple players making bets at one time. One or more live dealers monitor the game just as a real dealer would do in a traditional casino. Unfortunately live games cannot be played on free trial.

Slot Games:
Slot games are an ever-growing popular staple in casinos. It is estimated that over half of the profit of any given casino is made via slot machines. BGO Online Casino understands that slots are loved and therefore has about 125 different slot games available at any given time. To keep the regular customer happy a few of these games are rotated and other games are newly added as they become available.

BGO Online Casino is incredibly unique and exciting due to having their own set of game developers. BGO Online Casino’s developers are called BGO Entertainment and they create games for this casino that can be found nowhere else on Earth!

Sweet Party, Foxy Fortunes, and Great Blue are three of the most popular slot games available through BGO Online Casino. Foxy Fortunes is one of the most popular games because there are multiple bonus games and free spins that can be activated by playing! Still, there are plenty of other very popular games with perks of their very own. These games offer excellent graphics, easy user settings, and incredibly fun bonus games when activated. Each game has a slightly different theme, but all three of these games have the same underlying concept of betting to win money.

BGO Online Casino currently offers two bonuses for current members. The first of the additional bonuses is the 100 percent reload bonus. This means that if the user deposits £10 then they will receive an additional £10 making their grand total £20. The minimum deposit required for this bonus is £10. The second of the additional bonuses is the Happy Hour bonus which gives the user 10 percent of their money back when playing between the hours of 5pm and 10pm on Wednesdays. If the player does not win money then 10 percent of the money that was played will be returned.

VIP Rewards:
The rewards program for VIP members is truly amazing. As members play they earn points towards their VIP status. Each £1 spent is worth one point. There are 5 levels on the VIP program with the platinum level being the highest and invite only based on player commitment. Each level of this VIP program offers bonuses based on player loyalty. The more a player spends the higher they move in the levels and the more significant their bonuses and VIP rewards become. Though bonuses and rewards vary with time it will always be true that the lowest level receives the lowest reward and the highest level will receive the most valuable reward.

Mobile Casino:
BGO Online Casino has a host of games that are available for play on a user’s mobile device. This means that any member may play from both their computer and from a host of mobile devices they may have!

Mobile games at BGO Online Casino include slot games, table games, and poker games. Most games that are found on the BGO Online Casino are also found on the mobile version of BGO Online Casino. Favorite slot games such as Cleopatra are offered as are traditional Poker and BlackJack games!

About BGO Online Casino

BGO Online Casino truly loves its members. They offer many bonuses and rewards to the members that are loyal and a host of attractive start-up bonuses and rewards for members that are new. BGO Online Casino is continually adding games and rotating old favorites to keep its members happy. Today they continue to expand their licenses and agreements to reach more users across the globe!

***00 2.5/5 BGO Casino Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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