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Belissimo Slot by Microgaming

The delicious combination of Italian cooking and classic gameplay is served up hot in this video slot game that features some nice payouts and wins. The Belissimo slot was created by developers at Microgaming and offer players a classic style slot through its appearance and its included features. The graphics and animations both work well to invoke the spirit of a vintage slot machine while at the same time working flawlessly with a modern edge to them. Additionally, the sounds in the game enhance the feeling of being at an actual casino and playing for big wins. The game is limited in extra features, but it offers a good deal of fun and is incredibly simple to operate for all players.

Features of Belissimo

Belissimo will let players know what kind of game it is right off the bat. The apparent game design of this slot is inspired by classic style slot machines that were the foundation of this type of fun in casinos across the world. This can be seen through the 3 reels of play and the very basic design. Even so, players will still be impressed by the graphics, which are obviously designed with great attention to detail and bright vivid colors that pop off of the screen and catch the eye instantly. Players can rest assured that the sound effects in this game work subtly to create a more genuine experience without having to be too loud or obnoxious. In addition, the simple animations that show the reels spinning in the game work very well, and it’s highly unlikely to encounter any errors that will stop gameplay. The control panel keeps things very simple, offering only a few things that can be changed. Players will have control over the number of coins and the coin size.

There are unfortunately not too many expert type options that will appeal to advanced players in this game. The max bet button is really the only feature that stands out, which lets players instantly wager the highest amount available without having to manually adjust each element of the bet. There is no autoplay function in the game, which is an obvious downside to being able to customize gameplay.

In keeping with the classic style of the Belissimo slot, there are not many extra features included in the game. Players will notice that this game has the common symbols seen in other slots, such as the bar symbols and 7 symbols. One nice extra perk is the inclusion of a wild symbol. The wild symbol is represented by the chef in this game, and it completes any winning payline that it is a part of. Also, this symbol is responsible for awarding players with the highest coin payout in the game at 5000 coins.

Belissimo Overall

The Belissimo slot is a fun ode to classic slot machines, but not really much more than that. This game does not feature a progressive jackpot and its features are quite limited, but it does have a good payout frequency and is about as simple as it gets when it comes to learning how to play a video slot. Though a very basic design, the sounds and visuals do a great job of being appealing and enhancing all the fun that is possible through this classic video slot game.

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