Big Kahuna

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Big Kahuna Slot by Microgaming

Here comes an amazing slot game with a colorful island twist to it. The Big Kahuna slot from Microgaming is a fantastic game that features a lot of tribal mysticism with the beauty of the tropics and the rewards of awesome bonuses. Players are going to really enjoy the visuals and sound effects that are included, as well as the ridiculous amount of extra features that will work to increase payouts and wins across the reels. All of this nonstop action is made simple for all skill levels of players through the easy control panel and clear information that is provided.

Features of Big Kahuna

It is worth mentioning that a lot of slot games out there put emphasis on the supposedly “frequent” rewards without focusing on the game’s appearance. This is not the case with Big Kahuna. Even for being an older game in the collection, this video slot still features beautiful and colorful graphics that catch the player’s eye while the sounds work to capture the allure of a great slot machine. Below the vibrant display, the control panel has a basic design that serves every player well by being clearly labeled and easy to understand. In addition, the game offers a paytable that can be viewed simply with the click of a mouse.

Big Kahuna features a couple of expert options for the more advanced players who are fortunate enough to try the game. There is a bet max button that allows the thrill seeking high rollers to skip all the other steps and instantly place the highest bet possible on the next spin. Complimenting this is the autoplay function, which is great for letting the game automatically run itself for a specified number of spins. This feature will stop when the spins run out or when the player discontinues the option manually. Novices and pros alike can appreciate the Big Kahuna slot.

Regarding the extra features, there are plenty in Big Kahuna, starting with the wilds and scatters. The wild symbol works to complete paylines by substituting for other icons and making a winning combination. The scatter symbol creates its own unique payout just by landing on the reels in any position. In addition to these great special symbols, there are also two bonus features where players can win as many as 4375 coins. Wins are frequent and the opportunity is endless when playing the Big Kahuna slot, and even the pickiest player will appreciate the extra features.

Big Kahuna Overall

If there is any downside to Big Kahuna, it would be the lack of a progressive jackpot. Other than this, it’s hard to find something bad about the game. For its age, the graphics and sounds still work great to create a unique environment where players will spend their time. The payouts and bonuses are just as good as any other game, and everything runs very well without encountering errors. Fans of classic slots and modern slots alike will all appreciate the experience that Big Kahuna has to offer.

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