Burning Desire™

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In the Microgaming collection of classic slots, Burning Desire stands out for its interesting depiction of what Rock and Roll would be if it were a slot game.  With five reels and two-hundred-forty-three ways to win, Burning Desire is still a player favourite in Microgaming online casino. 

Depending on the limits of the casino, this slot can spin for up to £€$ 250.  With its rock and roll retro appeal players can expect rell graphics of Las Vegas classics like Diamonds, Lucky Sevens, Bars and for a splash of colour, Red Roses.   The scatter symbol is a branded coin of gold.  Three scatters will collect double the wager with four collecting ten times the amount and five collecting one-hundred the amount wagered.  Wild is symbolized with a Heart on Fire.  As with wilds in most slots, this one can act as any symbol except the scatter.

Gamble and Free Spin Features for Burning Desire


On every win, a play may select the gamble feature to increase their winnings.  The gamble game permits players to continually double the initial wager, then every consecutive win until they lose the game or hit the game limit for gamble attempts.  It is not likely that a player will reach the game set limit for gamble without forfeiting their winnings to a losing attempt.

Free spins are awarded to a player that lands at least three of the gold coin scatter symbols.  Free spins in Burning Desire give the player triple value and fifteen initial attempts to spin for free.  Re-triggering this bonus is possible within the free spin bonus round.  Another non-typical award achievement for players is the ninety-thousand coin limit maximum for this feature.  Readers will note that the fixed jackpot award is far less than the potential free spin maximum reward.

Speaking of Jackpots, the thirty-thousand coin jackpot is enticing but a rare reward.  The more frequently triggered free spin bonus, as mentioned above is for more lucrative overall.  Please note that the jackpot max value is only awarded for those playing at a max bet.

Summary off Burning Desire


Despite the lackluster A,K,Q,J,10 and 9 symbols and its basic slot game appearance, Burning Desire can be a solid workhorse in winnings.  The free spin round is achievable in about 35-50 spins typically.  Non-typically the bonus can be triggered twice within that same amount of spins.  The appeal of the game is the frequency of re-triggers within that feature. From the classic Microgaming collection of slots, Burning Desire is still in rotation at several participating Microgaming online casinos.

What often loses player interest in this slot is the gamble feature.  While it can make for more exciting game play, especially when low on coins, it is rather simplistic in its design using only a red/black option.  The game was designed when less was expected from online slots.  If Microgaming is to improve this game with an updated version in the future, they should first revisit the unappealing gamble game and possibly include a mini bonus game or selection of different gamble-type games.  Most fitting would be a dice game that results in a 50/50 outcome.

Game modes offered are Expert and Regular Mode with the difference being Auto Play becomes available while in Expert Mode.

We classify this game as having a theme based in romance. 

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