Cash Crazy

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Cash Crazy Slot Game by Microgaming

Players looking for a classic 3 reel slot style casino game will find their match right here with Cash Crazy. This slot was created by Microgaming and captures all that is great about vintage slot machines with a modern twist added in. The bright colors and nice sounds will add to the excitement as players enjoy the simple yet fun experience of spinning the reels and playing for great payouts. All of this throwback action is made simple through the basic design and clear controls.

Features of Cash Crazy

The game’s layout itself is pretty much all-inclusive. The reels are placed side-by-side with the paytable for the game, so players are able to check out how much their wins will be worth as they are playing. Below the information is the control panel, where the buttons keep everything nice and easy. Players are able to either bet the 1st coin or 2nd coins, and they can change the bet amount as well as placing a max bet to skip all those extra steps. Because of the game’s basic design, there is no expert mode or autoplay functions available.

Holding up the tradition of old style slot machines, Cash Crazy features 3 reels and only 1 payline. This doesn’t help diversity in payouts, but its charm comes from its simplicity and laid-back gameplay aspect. The symbols of the game include bar icons, as well as cherry icons and “7” icons. This keeps the vintage feel of the slot game in true form. However, one special addition is the mad scientist symbol, which acts as a wild symbol to complete winning paylines. Not only are they wild, but the scientist symbols will also act as a multiplier to increase wins! One scientist symbol on the payline will become a 2x multiplier, and two scientist symbols will transform into an awesome 4x multiplier on the payout. If players are lucky enough to land all 3 scientist symbols on the paylines, they will be awarded with the game’s jackpot, which comes out to a cool 1600 coins.

Cash Crazy Overall

Not much else can be said about this slot game. The lack of extra features and a progressive jackpot will be a drawback for many players. The frequency of wins is decent, but it is limited in its range due to only 1 payline being included. That being said, the graphics and sounds are definitely pleasing. These classic-style games are more of a novelty than anything else, but they can offer some relaxing gaming when the standard fare is complex 5-reel slots with a whole library of instructions on how to play. The bottom line is Cash Crazy serves up what it sets out to do as a classic slot, but not much more than that.

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