Chain Mail

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Chain Mail Slot by Microgaming

It’s good to be the king. This game stands tall as a king among video slots with its hilarious theme and amazing collection of features and bonuses. The Chain Mail slot comes from the developers at Microgaming and comes with a display that is nothing but lots of fun. Funny graphics and animations are the focal point of the game as players spin the reels, and the sound effects contribute to the experience instead of taking away from it. There are a lot of special features that will benefit players as they strive to earn that huge payout. Of course this all can be enjoyed from the comfort of home through a game that is incredibly simple to operate.

Features of Chain Mail

Chain Mail makes a great impression with its appearance. The cartoon graphics will delight players as they portray various animated characters from this fantasy kingdom, as well as various funny takes on different food items with silly names. Visuals are done in splendid colors with a lot of attention going into the detail. In addition, the sounds from the game don’t come across as annoying or obnoxious, which is always a good thing. The control panel of the game is specifically designed to be simple to use, and it succeeds in this. Even the newest player will be able to figure out how to run the game almost immediately. During this game, players can make adjustments to the number of coins, the coin value, and also the number of paylines.

Expert options are available for more advanced players who like some extra perks. Chain Mail comes with a max bet button that allows the highest possible bet amount to be wagered instantly without going through unnecessary step to change the values of every little factor. There is also the incredibly popular autoplay function that lets the game run all on its own while the player sits back and watches the progress. This feature runs for a predetermined number of spins or until the players cancels it.

The Chain Mail slot shines when it comes to the extra features. There are both wilds and scatters included in this game. Wild symbols substitute for others to create winning paylines, while scatters create a unique on their own by landing on the reels, in this case, at least 3 times during a spin. Chain Mail also includes a very special bonus which is activated by its own special symbol landing 3 times on the reels. Players will then have a pick and choose style game where they have the potential to win some serious cash.

Chain Mail Overall

This game is simply one of the best. Though it is a bit older, the graphics and sounds still hold their own and make the whole experience even better. There is no progressive jackpot in this game, but that hardly matters. Where the game really makes its mark is through the features. Frequency of payouts is very high in this slot, and the bonuses occur quite often too. It’s safe to say that players looking for a big payout or even a few of them need to try out Chain Mail. Pass it on, or you will have bad luck for 7 years!

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