Crazy Crocodile

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Crazy Crocodile Slot by Microgaming

The crocodile is mad for money in this silly and entertaining video slot game that honors the classic slots of old with its design and simple gameplay. The Crazy Crocodile slot was developed by Microgaming and is a simple slot game that features some nice graphics and sounds. It is designed in the spirit of a vintage slot machine, but still has nice visuals and audio that really works to enhance the game. Though limited in the features that it provides, this slot is a great time for players who want a break from the overwhelming complexity of more modern 5 reel video slots. Of course, this action can be enjoyed from just about anywhere with a layout that all players can understand.

Features of Crazy Crocodile

Crazy Crocodile first and foremost is a novelty style game meant to replicate slot machines that are called “one armed bandits” and are found in land-based casinos. This style of gameplay is seen through the basic design that goes into the reels and symbols that are included. However, the game still features nice graphics that have ample attention to detail, with bright colors that pop off of the screen. Another nice thing about the game is the animations that run the reels without causing interruptions in the flow of the game. Sound effects that are included in this slot work well to portray an authentic experience and at the same cease from being annoying or too loud. The control panel itself is also made quite simple, letting players make changes to the number of coins and the coin value in the game. Additional information about payouts can be seen in the paytables which are located right next to the reels on the screen.

Unfortunately, there is not much in the way of expert options for more advanced players. The Crazy Crocodile slot does feature a max bet button that allows the player to instantly wager the highest bet, though this feature is not very useful considering the limited ways that a player can bet. There is no autoplay function in the game which is one of the downsides that will be seen.

Staying in true form with its simple 3 reel design, the game only has 1 payline and does not really have any extra features. Players will see that common symbols such as the bar icons and 7 icons are included in the game. There is also a special crocodile symbol that serves as the game’s top payout. When players are lucky enough to land all 3 crocodile symbols on the payline, they will be rewarded with 4000 coins. It should be noted that all 3 coins have to be wagered to hit this max payout in the game.

Crazy Crocodile Overall

The Crazy Crocodile slots does what its creators intended, which is to capture the same style of gameplay that players got from classic slot machines. Beyond this, the game may get boring pretty fast. Though there is no progressive jackpot, the game does have a nice payout frequency. Also, the visuals and sounds serve their purpose in creating a retro feel that veteran players will enjoy. However, those who are looking for a game that can be enjoyed over and over might find this title lacking in that regard.

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