Double Magic

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Double Magic Slot by Microgaming

Players who are fans of the classics will get a kick out of this retro style slot game that features some nice graphics and a couple different features that will enhance wins. The Double Magic slot was created by Microgaming and comes with a display that honors the old slot machines from the past that can be found in casinos. Its vintage look and sounds will impress players as they spin the reels for a simply designed experience that is very easy to understand. Though not having many extra features, the game works well as a novelty and holds it own as a classic 3 reel video slot.

Features of Double Magic

Double Magic will start out by showing players almost everything they need to see all on one screen. The game itself is only 3 reels and 1 payline, so gameplay is quite basic and will not take long at all to understand. Though designed to represent a classic style slot, the graphics still do a wonderful job of looking nice with sharp details and lots of bright colors in the appearance. Sound effects from the game make everything feel more like an authentic slot machine without coming across as distracting or annoying. The game’s control panel is very basic, given the limited amount of features the slot has. Players can choose between one or two coins and also change the value of each coin. For the convenience or the player, the paytables are included right beside the reels in the game, just like a classic slot machine.

Unfortunately, there are not many expert options to discuss when it comes to the Double Magic slot. The game does come with a bet max button, which allows the player to instantly wager the highest amount on the next spin. However, this is not too much of a help considering the very limited betting options that there are to work with. The game also does not include any autoplay function, which may be seen as a drawback for the more experienced players.

The Double Magic slot keeps its simplicity in true form with the extra features that are included. Really, there is only one extra feature which comes in the form of a wild symbol. In the realm of classic 3 reel slots, this is actually a major benefit in enhancing wins. The wild symbol is represented by a blue star and will multiply any win by 2x when showing up once and by 4x when showing up twice on the payline. This start symbol also holds the game’s jackpot when landing all 3 times across the reels, paying the player 1600 coins.

Double Magic Overall

When it comes to 3 reel slots machines, there is never much going on in terms of extra features. It is really more of a simple and relaxing game for players who want a break from the complicated modern video slots out there. Double Magic does not feature any progressive jackpot, but it does have a great payout frequency, and the retro feel of the game design works well to give the lovers of the classics a fun experience.

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