Dr. Watts Up

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Dr. Watts Up Slot by Microgaming

There are zany experiments going on that yield some major rewards in this funny and exciting video slot game that features a lot of cool bonuses and payouts. The Dr Watts Up slot was created by Microgaming and will immediately wow players with its hilarious theme and splendid graphics. Both the artistic designs and great animations will keep the fun going for long periods of time. In addition, the sound effects from serve to enhance the experience and make everything feel like a real slot machine. The game’s extra features will increase payouts to a great amount and the entire game is available to play just about anywhere in a convenient and simple layout.

Features of Dr. Watts Up

Dr. Watts Up is a newer game in the collection of 5 reel video slots, and that is apparent in its incredible appearance. The background, reels, and symbols are all designed with amazing colors and graphics that show just how high-quality the game is. Both characters and other objects are presented in sharp detail with an emphasis on their funny personalities. The animations in the game also prove to be quite entertaining without making the slot slow down or causing glitches. Another perk is the sound effects that are included, which will not drive the player nuts and instead enhance the gameplay too. When players look at the control panel, it is not intimidating at all. It is really designed to be user-friendly regardless of how experienced a player is. Players can control both the coin value and the number of coins. Paylines cannot be changed because there are 243 permanently active payways.

For the seasoned players out there, Dr. Watts Up does have an expert option available in the autoplay function. This customizable feature will allow the game to run by itself for a certain amount of spins with a locked in bet. The feature will stop when the spins have finished, when a certain payout goal has been reached, or when the player decides to stop the action manually. Unfortunately, the game does not include any max bet button, but the betting options are simple enough that it is not required.

If anything is the highlight of the Dr Watts Up slot, it has to be all the extra features that are included. There are both wild and scatter symbols which perform the common function that they have in many other video slots on the market. One nice extra thing about the scatter symbol is that it will also award players with free spins when it lands 3 times or more. Players can be awarded up to 20 free spins with one reel being turned completely wild. The game also offers a unique laboratory bonus where it is up to the player to choose their prize and be awarded with straight up payouts.

Dr. Watts Up Overall

Dr. Watts Up is a video slot that offers it all in terms of appearance and features. The game does not feature a progressive jackpot, but it is very well-rounded in every other aspect. Players will most importantly appreciate the bonuses that are available, as they add value to every spins that is played. Both the audio and visuals do a great job of creating a unique and fun environment where it is easy to lose track of time. Overall, this is a great game that is worth a few spins of the reels.

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