Enchanted Woods

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Enchanted Woods Slot by Microgaming

Take an inspiring journey into the magical forest where its creatures appear and offer players amazing payouts and rewards. The Enchanted Woods was created by Microgaming and features an incredible looking display full of life and color. Graphics in this game are some of the best on the market and the accompanying animations work flawlessly to add excitement. The sounds from the game make it feel like a genuine slot machine without becoming an annoyance. Additionally, the game has a nice collection of extra features that will appeal to even the most discerning player. This great experience is made easy to operate and players can partake in the fun from everywhere.

Features of Enchanted Woods

Enchanted Woods opens up to an interface that looks as great as it plays. It’s obvious that a lot of detail went into designing the reels and the symbols when the player gets the first look at the game. This slot is set against the background of a forest where many fantastical things are happening. The characters of the game honor the fantasy theme by coming in the forms of fairies, gnomes, and other creatures. In addition, these fabulous visuals also include animated features that run smoothly during gameplay. The audio that is included in the game does a great job of not being too loud or annoying, and instead actually enhances everything to make it more appealing to players.

The Enchanted Woods slot has a control panel that is very basic in its layout. In fact, there are really only two main buttons to be used while playing. Players can control the total bet amount and also spin the reels. Other than that, there is a paytables button on the screen where the players can learn about the various features of the game with a single click. Unfortunately, due to the very simple nature of this slot there are no expert options available for the more experienced player.

For as basic as this slot may seem, there are actually quite a few extra features built in that increase the possibility for bigger payouts. One very cool feature is the ability to hold the reels after a spin. If a player happens to match up symbols that are favorable for awarding wins, these symbols can be held in place while the reels are spun again. This opens up the opportunity to hit the wild symbols and the bonus in the game. The bonus feature involves the player picking 4 toads that will each award straight credit payouts to the player, so it’s ultimately in the player’s control as to how big the win is.

Enchanted Woods Overall

The Enchanted Woods slot does a fantastic job of being entertaining despite its limited features. There is no progressive jackpot included, but the high frequency for payouts definitely makes up for that. Though small in number, the bonus functions work extremely well in enhancing payouts and keeping the player excited about betting. This fun little video slot is highly recommended for players who want to be surprised by an underestimated game.

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