Flo’s Diner

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Flo’s Diner Slot by Microgaming

For the players out there who are looking for a game that is a great replication of a classic slot machine, this video slot game with a tasty theme is sure to cure that appetite. The Flos Diner slot was created by Microgaming and features a theme revolving around a food establishment. Though simple in nature, the game boasts some graphics and symbols that are creatively designed to be appealing and very colorful. These are assisted by animations that work well to keep the game running smoothly. Additionally, the slot features audio that enhances gameplay and makes the player feel like they are in a casino. There are few extra features, but this game’s simple design will prove to be easy to use for everyone.

Features of Flo’s Diner

Flo’s Diner does a great job in capturing the essence of classic slot machines that became the foundation for having fun in casinos. This can be seen clearly through the game’s appearance. The graphics were created by the experts and look just as great as they play. Sharp details and vibrant colors are everywhere as this slot game comes to life. What’s more is that the animations used in the game work without a hitch, meaning players don’t have to worry about an error cancelling all the winnings. Surprisingly enough, the sound effects and audio of this game go against the flow of what players would expect and subtly create a more fun environment without driving the user insane. The control panel in the game keeps in line with the basic layout and will let players control both the coin size and the number of coins when placing a bet.

Good news for all the experienced players out there. Flo’s Diner has two different expert style options that will make the game even more customizable. There is the popular autoplay option that lets the game run by itself for a certain amount of spins until a payout goal has been reach or when the player stops the function manually. This feature is great for quickly achieving wins. There is also a bet max button which takes the hassle out of adjusting every bet value one by one, instead betting the biggest amount instantly and spinning the reels.

In the way of extra features, Flo’s Diner doesn’t really come with any at all. The game features 3 reels and only 1 payline, which is going to keep the action limited on each spin. There are unique symbols which are used throughout gameplay, represented by food items such as donuts and shakes. The common bar symbols are used in the game too, as well as a special icon of Flo herself. This Flo symbol also awards the game’s top coin payout which is 2400 coins.

Flo’s Diner Overall

The players who love the oldies will definitely appreciate the Flos Diner slot, but there are not a lot of extras to keep the fun lasting a long time. The game has no progressive jackpot and its payout frequency is pretty underwhelming. However, the nostalgic style of the game and its nice visuals will offer a classic novelty of a video slot that can be tried out once or twice.

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