Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones Slot by Microgaming

Travel to the realm of Westeros and experience all the fantastic riches and rewards that await there. The Game of Thrones slot from Microgaming is fresh onto the scene, and is one of the coolest video slot games that can be played. Players will instantly be put into the fantasy world with plenty of awesome graphics and sounds that make playing the slot feel just like experiencing the incredibly popular TV show. This fantastic isn’t the only thing the game offers though, with plenty of extra features to enhance wins and a simple design to control the game being the new standard.

Features of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is all about fantasy epicness, and this game does that theme justice. The colors and visuals of the display capture the dark feel of the show, including the sigils of various families from the show. These icons are all designed very well, and are accompanied by sounds that even include some music straight from the series. It’s all very aesthetically pleasing. Below the reels, the control panel takes on the same theme, and it is made quite simple for everyone to start playing right away. Players are able to adjust the coin value and the number of coins. The paylines cannot be changed, but there are 243 payways permanently enabled, which really enhance the opportunity for wins without being too hard on the wallet.

Additional information regarding the game’s payouts is only a click away in the paytables that are included right on the screen of the game for players to see. Advanced players will love the autoplay function that is included too. This feature lets the game be run on its own for a predetermined number of spins and a locked in bet without the player having to do anything. Of course, this feature can be stopped at any time, and it also stops when the spins have run out.
The Game of Thrones slot has a lot of extra features, starting with the scatter symbol. This symbol, when landing in pairs on the reels, will award a random cash payout to players. This is an awesome feature that players won’t see in other games. If that wasn’t enough, the scatter symbol will also activate free spins when it appears on the reels at least 3 times. Players get to choose a house to side with during free spins, and can pick up to 18 free spins or up to a 5x multiplier. This incredible feature allows players to win as many as 121,000 coins.

Game of Thrones Overall

This review of the Game of Thrones could go on forever, but in summary, this game is truly incredible and should be considered a benchmark for modern video slot games. Even with the lack of a progressive jackpot, the extra features with their unique functions combine with a high payout frequency to make the possibility for big wins within a player’s reach. These extra features are made very exciting with the visuals and sounds, and how well they are done. The Game of Thrones is highly recommended for anyone looking for a next-gen slot game that really delivers.

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