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Germinator Slot by Microgaming

If players are getting sick of the same old slots day in and day out, strangely the very cure might be right here in this special slot game. The Germinator slot was created by developers at Microgaming, and is not exactly a normal video slot in the sense of the word. However, it has its own arcade-style appeal that works just as well as any game to award players with cool payouts and prizes. The excellent graphics and animations will put players right into the gross of germs and make it imperative to eliminate them from the paylines. Sounds in the game compliment it all very well, and everything is made super simple to play with clear controls and paytables.

Features of Germinator

Germinator, of course, features germs and plenty of them. These icky occupy the paylines of this unique game, and they are all expertly crafted to have silly faces and gross personas. With all that being said, the animations and gameplay still run very smoothly, making the overall experience a flawless and consistent good time from the start. Because the game is quite different from all other slots, the control panel is a little bit different as well. During gameplay, players will only be able to control the total bet that they are placing on the next “spin”. Unfortunately, there are no expert options available in Germinator. The lack of a max bet or an autoplay feature is sort of a letdown, but it doesn’t entirely take away from the game’s appeal.

The Germinator slot has a few extra features that are worth mentioning. The game itself revolves around matching up at least 3 germs of the same kind in a line. Once this match happens, the germs are destroyed and new germs appear in their place. It works as a kind of tetris style format that will keep the game running for as long as there are more germs that match up with each other. Different kind of germs are worth more coins as they payout based on the number of germs in the total lines. There is one bonus featured in the game after the players hit 3 pill symbols on the paylines at once. This bonus will allow players to destroy every germ of one type on the lines and let them be replaced. It’s an interesting take on an interesting bonus that may take some getting used to.

Germinator Overall

When playing through Germinator for a while, it does present itself as a unique and artfully crafted arcade game that offers a considerable amount of fun. However, the payout frequency and amount are both, there is no progressive jackpot, and the lack of other extra features make it somewhat disappointing. This should not discourage players from trying out the game though. The gameplay itself will be quite entertaining for a while, as this title is unlike many others.

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