Girls with Guns Jungle Heat

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Girls with Guns Jungle Heat Slot by Microgaming

An awesome group of girls who know how to battle combine with action-packed excitement create this incredible video slot game has hammers the competition with its rewarding features. The Girls with Guns Jungle Heat slot was created by Microgaming and let these heroines loose for some fierce firepower-fueled action and adventure. The graphics of the game are truly astounding and work to keep players on the edge of their seats, along with the cool animations that show off the girls doing what they do best. In addition, the audio and sounds work to make the game even more intense and give it the feel of a cutting-edge video slot. It can all be enjoyed with a ton of extra features that blast payouts to another level of fun.

Features of Girls with Guns Jungle Heat

Girls with Guns Jungle Heat is built purely for one thing, and that is nonstop action. This game does a great job of capturing this feeling with its amazing graphic design. The background, the reels, and the symbols were all expertly created to deliver a punch in what can only be described as an adrenaline rush type of appearance. In addition, the animations of the game show off its advanced design and make the gameplay much more exciting, without any glitches or errors that wipe out winnings. The control panel of the game is made quite simple to use, so that players can immediately jump into the action without having to worry about complicated controls. Players are able to change both the coin size and the number of coins. The paylines cannot be changed, because there are 243 payways that are permanently enabled and add value to each spin, even with a low bet amount.

There is not much to the game in terms of expert options for more advanced players, but Girls with Guns Jungle Heat does come with an autoplay function. This special feature will allow the player to run the game automatically, working towards either a win amount or a certain number of spins without the player having to interact with the buttons. Because of the limited values to be changed for betting, there is no max bet button included in this game.

When it comes to extra features, Girls with Guns Jungle Heat has a lot to offer with great payouts. There are both the common wild and scatter symbols included in the game, with each symbol having its own unique way of enhancing wins even during normal play. The scatter symbol will also trigger free spins if it lands 3 times on the reels. During free spins, the players receives 15 spins and one entire reel is turned wild during each spin. This awesome feature boasts a top coin payout of 1,900,000 coins!

Girls with Guns Jungle Heat Overall

The Girls with Guns Jungle Heat slot could come with no features at all and still deserve praise for its action-packed appearance and animations. Just spinning the reels alone is a lot of fun when players see the intense firefights blazing across the screen. Though there is no progressive jackpot, this game has a great payout frequency and the extra features put a unique twist on the potential for a huge payout. This video slot is definitely recommended for every player and is worth a shot or two or three!

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