Gladiators Gold

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Gladiators Gold Slot by Microgaming

Players who are fans of the classic type of slots out there will thoroughly enjoy this video slot game that has a great look, some nice features, and a little bit of Roman history thrown in. The Gladiators Gold slot was created by Microgaming and features a display that pays homage to the 3 reel slot machines of the past. It contains nice graphics and animations that both do a great job of setting the tone and keeping gameplay exciting. Additionally, the sounds from the game work to enhance it by making it feel more like a real slot machine. There are limited extra features, but the game itself is made to be quite simple and will easily be enjoyed by all types of players.

Features of Gladiators Gold

Gladiators Gold works to capture the feel and look of a classic slot machine, and does so by offering a very simple appearance with little going on. The graphics were designed with great detail and feature very vibrant colors that breathe life into the game. With those graphics come animations that spin the reels smoothly without any problems occurring that would hinder the gameplay. Another nice aspect is that the sound effects from the game do not come across as annoying but instead make the game that much more enjoyable. The control panel is kept simple as well, allowing players to adjust both the number of coins and the coin value. In keeping with the style of classic slots, the paytables are located right next to the reels, giving players a fast way to look at the various payouts.

Unfortunately, this slot does not have many expert options for the more seasoned player. There is the inclusion of a max bet button that allows players to instantly wager the highest bet amount without adjusting anything else. This feature will also automatically spin the reels. A major downside is that the Gladiators Gold slot does not come with an autoplay function. Instead, each spin will have to be activated manually by the player.

Because the game is designed to be so simple, there are virtually no extra features in the game. Gladiators Gold feature 3 reels and 3 paylines, and players will recognize all of the symbols used in this slot. There are the standard bar symbols and 7 symbols, and that is the extent of icons that are offered. Each version of the symbols has its own value which increases based on the odds of hitting a winning payline with that particular symbol. The top payout that is available in the game is 4000 coins.

Gladiators Gold Overall

The Gladiators Gold slot does not have much going for it, but it is a fun classic game to try out. There is no progressive jackpot to take advantage of, but the payout frequency for this game is surprisingly high. Though lacking in features, the game has a clean and simple appearance which will make for easy gameplay and an easy learning experience for newer players. This game is mainly recommended for fans of the oldies in casino gaming.

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