Gold Factory

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Gold Factory Slot by Microgaming

Gold is the name of the game here, as players to work earn all the amazing payout and bonus features that are included within this fantastic video slot. The Gold Factory slot was created by Microgaming, and features an incredible looking theme that is brought to life through the bright colors and graphics. Sound effects from the game work to compliment everything else and make the slot an authentic experience. There are numerous bonuses and rewards that players will discover as they spin the reels, and it’s all made simple to play and convenient to enjoy anywhere.

Features of Gold Factory

Gold Factory makes its first impression a great one with an appearance that is truly second to none. The graphics here are absolutely incredible, and do justice for the theme of the game that is focused on nothing but the precious metal that brings with it immense wealth and fortune. Animations during gameplay are some of the best out there, and the sounds of the game work to enhance the whole experience without being too overwhelming. The control panel of the game is designed to be very user-friendly with a focus on simplicity. Players are able to control the number of paylines, the number of coins, and the coin value.

Advanced players will appreciate a couple of expert options that the Gold Factory slot brings with it. There is a max bet button that works by placing the highest wager possible on the spin without the player having to do anything else. There is also the popular autoplay that lets the player sit back and relax as the game runs itself for a predeterminded amount of spins with a locked in bet. Players are also able to stop this feature at any time.

The Gold Factory slot features 5 reels and an incredible 50 paylines that are enhanced by the special features available during the game. There is a wild symbol that works to complete winning paylines by substituting for other normal symbols. One feature of this slot that is exceptionally awesome is the bonus symbol. When this symbol appears 3 times on the reels, the player is taken to a bonus game that has multiple levels and is quite rewarding. Players will choose their own destiny as they choose certain icons to learn how many free spins they will receive at a certain multiplier. This exciting action will keep the player guessing what will happen next.

Gold Factory Overall

When looking at everything offered, Gold Factory deserves praise for being a highly entertaining and varied slot game. There is no progressive jackpot, but the payout frequency is high and the multiple tiers of the bonus game add so much value to each spin the player activates. On top of this are some of the best graphics that be seen in a game of this type. All players need to try Gold Factory as a source for rewarding fun, because it is simply that good.

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