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Harveys Slot Game by Microgaming

Make sure to reserve a table, because this video slot game is serving up a huge dish of amazing features and rewards that aim to pay out huge wins. The Harveys slot was created by the developers at Microgaming and is a cool classic video slot themed around a restaurant and its culinary offerings. Both the visuals and the sounds in the game work great to bring the experience to life and enhance the aspects of the slot, all while not being overwhelming. In addition, there are quite a few different special features that can be obtained while playing the game. It’s all made very convenient and simple to enjoy for everyone.

Features of Harveys

Harveys starts off with a simple background against which the reels and symbols are displayed. The theme is a classy restaurant, so naturally the symbols involves the chef himself, along with various food items and drinks for patrons to enjoy. Even though this particular game is an older one, the graphics still do a great job at conveying the fun of this slot and are presented in sharp detail. The sounds are fortunately beneficial to the overall experience and will not come across as obnoxious or annoying. Players have the option to disable the audio as well. When looking at the control panel, it’s quite clear that the game can easily be understood by any player, even the novice who is just starting out. Players are able to change the coin size, the amount of coins, and the number of paylines in this game.

Players with some experience under their belts will love the expert options that are offered in the Harveys slot. There is the max bet button which allows the player to wager the highest amount of coins that is possible with only one click of a button, instead of manually adjusting every single value on the control panel. There is also the cool autoplay function, which lets the game run on its own for a certain number of spins or until the players stops it. Last but certainly not least is the gamble option, where the risk-taking player can potentially increase a payout by 2x or 4x, depending on if they decide to guess the color or suit of a playing card.

Harveys has a few extra features included, all of which make payouts and wins more possible and more lucrative at the same time. There are the wild and scatter symbols. In the present day of video slots, if a slot doesn’t have these special symbols, it is severely mismatched against other games, so Harveys includes them both and they work in an incredibly frequent manner. There are also free spins available for the player lucky enough to activate them. Amazingly, in Harveys the player can receive 30 free spins with up to a 25x multiplier! This translates to major payouts and huge wins.

Harveys Slot Overall

Despite its age, the Harveys slot still aggressively competes with the newer games on the market. Despite there not being a progressive jackpot in the game, it still brings the rewards through a great payout frequency and also a frequent occurrence of bonuses and free spins. The classic visuals and sounds work well to present the theme and keep the game’s operation running quite smoothly without any errors. If players are hungry for more than the standard slot far, they need to give Harveys a shot.

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