High Society

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High Society Slot by Microgaming

Living the ultimate life of luxury and wealth is brought here for players to experience through a video slot game that features plenty of amazing lucrative payouts. The High Society slot was created by Microgaming and is a natural fit for a slot game through its fabulous display. Graphics will amaze players as they strive to gain more wins and the animations keep everything running along smoothly in the game. In addition, the genuine sound effects that are added will enhance the feeling of playing for payouts on a real slot machine in a classy casino. These great elements are complimented by a large collection of extra features that will increase players’ wins and keep them coming back for more.

Features of High Society

High Society is all about wealth, so it’s no wonder why this theme was used in a video slot. The appearance and theme blend together perfectly, creating a glimpse into the lifestyle of those who have more money than they know what to do with. This game stuns with its awesome graphics, created with great attention to detail and representing the various things that can be associated with luxury. The animations in the game also work well to create a fun atmosphere while still operating without and glitches. Sound effects from the game are great in that they don’t come across as obnoxious or distracting. Players will notice that the control panel is designed very simply for use, with only a few buttons needed to control all of the action. The number of paylines, the coin size, and the number of coins can all be adjusted while playing.

There is really only one expert option available in the High Society slot that will benefit experienced players. This is the autoplay feature, which lets the game run by itself while the player sits back and watches the progression of the reels. The feature is handy for quickly reaching a desired payout goal without having to interact with the game. Unfortunately, due to the limited choices in adjusting bets, there is no max bet button included in this game.

A luxurious game definitely needs a lot of rewarding features to maintain its reputation, and High Society succeeds in this with its extra features, starting with both a wild and a scatter symbol. The wild symbols appear on reels 1 and 5 in the game and will stack on those reels as well, making more chances to capture winning paylines. The scatter symbol creates its own and also is responsible for activating the awesome free spins features. Players will receive free spins and also get to choose their special bonus, either super wild reels or a super multiplier. These great options make even the bonuses customizable.

High Society Overall

Many slot games put on a fancy appearance, but then turn out to be mere copies of each other. Fortunately, the High Society slot breaks this mold through the unique aspects of its extra features that are included. There is no progressive jackpot in the game, but the payout frequency is decent and there are a lot of special wins to gain. The choice of bonuses in free spins is really cool as something exclusive. Both the visuals and sounds are superb and tie the whole experience together into one great game. Experience a life of luxury and get paid with the High Society slot.

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