Hot Ink

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Hot Ink Slot by Microgaming

Players who are fans of tattoos will definitely appreciate the artsy appearance and the great payouts and bonuses that are included within the reels of this game. The Hot Ink slot was created by Microgaming and features an edgy, cool design that is full of amazing graphics and animations. The sound effects also do a great job in making this video slot feel authentic and entertaining. Mixed in are a bunch of extra features that all greatly enhance payouts and keep players wanting more. All of the action can be enjoyed from the convenience of home with a simple design that all players will understand easily.

Features of Hot Ink

Hot Ink will immediately strike players as being a great-looking game. In keeping with the theme that is presented here, the visuals in the game are very artistically crafted and the animations are fantastic looking as well. They both honor the art that tattoos present when done by the right artist. In addition, the game features good sound effects that do enough to make the experience better without being too loud or obnoxious. Players will see that the control panel is made to be simple, with only a couple of buttons available. During this game, the player can adjust the number of coins and the coin value. The paylines cannot be changed, but there are 1024 payways that carry a lot of value no matter how small the bet is.
There are quite a few expert options in the Hot Ink slot that will appeal to advanced players. The game features a bet max button that will automatically wager the highest amount possible without players having to change anything else. There is also an autoplay function that lets the game run by itself for a certain number of spins at a locked in bet amount. Players can stop this feature whenever they want. One extra function that makes this game awesome is the respin function. Players can spend a certain amount of coins to hold all reels in place while one is respun, thus greatly increasing the chances to hit a huge win.

The Hot Ink slot has extra features that include both wild and scatter symbols. The scatter symbol is also responsible for triggering the free spins bonus. Here, players will be awarded with 20 free spins where all wins earned are instantly doubled. This is the highlight of the game, as the top amount of coins that can be won from free spins comes out to an astounding 100,000 coins. All extra feature in this game are entertaining and do their jobs quite well.

Hot Ink Overall

In summary, Hot Ink is a great game for all sorts of players. There is no progressive jackpot, but the other features make up for this and so does the high frequency of payouts. Everything involving the gameplay runs very smoothly and consistently, with animations looking great even when appearing in large numbers on the screen. The appearance speaks for itself in getting player immersed into the action. The Hot Ink slot is incredibly cool and is a must-try title for every player.

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