Hot Shot

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Hot Shot Slot Game by Microgaming

The awesome payout and bonuses in this game hit a home run for fans of baseball and video slots. The Hot Shot slot was created by Microgaming and features a bright colorful display. Graphics and animation both work very well to immerse players in a fun game of baseball. Sound effects during the game are very good without being overwhelming in adding to the experience. The whole appearance is made even better by the extra feature in the game that work to add more payouts and wins to each spin. This game is very user-friendly for all players and can be enjoyed from the comfort of home.

Features of Hot Shot

Hot Shot comes out swinging with a display that captures the fun of baseball and the excitement of a modern video slot. The visuals do a great job of portraying each symbol with colors that pop off the screen and sharp artwork that was expertly designed. In addition, the sound effects do their job without being annoying, as is the case in a lot of slot game. Sounds can also be turned off at any time. Below the game’s reels, players will see that the control panel was created with simplicity in mind. It will allow even new players to jump right into the fun. Players are able to adjust the coin value and the number of paylines. The coin number will stay the same throughout the game.

There are a couple of expert options for players who operate the game with some experience in their background. Hot Shot features a max bet button which allows the highest bet possible to be wagered instantly without having to adjust each factor. This will also start the reels automatically. The game gives players the option to use the popular autoplay function as well. Autoplay will let the game run itself for a certain amount of spins at a locked in bet amount. Players can stop this whenever they want, or it will stop on its own when the spins have finished.
The extra features in Hot Shot are just enough to make everything more lucrative and entertaining. There are both wild symbols and scatter symbols included in the game. The wild symbol will complete winning combinations on paylines by substituting for other normal icons. Scatter symbols in this game create their own unique win by landing on the reels at least 3 times during one spin. Unfortunately, there are no additional features beyond this. The highest coin amount that players can win comes out to 1000 coins.

Hot Shot Overall

The Hot Shot slot is a nice game that runs very well without encountering any glitches or errors. Players may be turned off by the lack of a progressive jackpot and a limited number of extra features. However, the payout frequency in this game is great and will more than likely award players with the payouts they are looking for. Nothing bad can really be said about the appearance, as the visuals and audio do their part very well. In summary, fans of slots and a good game of baseball will hit it off with Hot Shot.

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