Hound Hotel

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Hound Hotel Slot by Microgaming

Many video slot games out there offer a bark that is isn’t as rewarding as their bite. Such is not the case with the Hound Hotel slot game from Microgaming. This incredibly funny and entertaining game features our furry canine friends living out a life of luxury at their resort hotel. The game features hilarious graphics mixed with nice animations that both contribute to the fun feel of it all. Great sound effects round out the aesthetic appeal, while the game’s interface allows for easy gameplay. On top of it all, the numerous bonus features of this slot will offer great rewards like no other game can.

Features of Hound Hotel

Hound Hotel’s appearance and gameplay stands out as very impressive. The reels are set against a background of a luxury hotel, while the dog characters represented in the symbols live out a lavish life of riches and wealth. The graphics and audio both are expertly designed and succeed in capturing the silly cartoonish feel that the game portrays. In regards to the control panel, players of all skill levels will have no problem learning to operate the reels how they want to. There are options to change the number of coins and the coin value.

For the more advanced player, there is a max bet button to skip all those unnecessary steps and instantly bet the highest amount possible on the next spin. Also included is an autoplay function with plenty of set options to suit players’ tastes. The autoplay will run the game by itself until the spins have completed or until the players stop the action.

The Hound hotel slot has the standard fare of special symbols, as well as extra bonus features that players will love. The wild symbol works to complete paylines and award players with payouts. This wild symbol has a special dashing feature where it will randomly land at spots across the reels, therefore making wins happen more spontaneously and keeping the excitement going. The scatter symbol will award a payout by landing 2 times on the reels and also activated the special Hound Hotel bonus game. During this bonus, players will select 3 doors to be presented their wild feature, a multiplier, and a number of free spins. These amazing feaures work together to allow players to win as many as 110,000 coins!

Hound Hotel Overall

In conclusion, the Hound Hotel slot is a great-looking game with enough features to keep most players happy. There is no progressive jackpot, and unfortunately the frequency at which payouts occur isn’t too impressive. That being said, the value of the bonus features will surely make up for this as players have the opportunity to win an extremely large amount of coins. For players looking for a good video slot game with a hilarious and fun theme, Hound Hotel is the place to stay at.

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