Jason&the Golden Fleece

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Jason and the Golden Fleece Slot by Microgaming

Embark on an epic journey and experience a video slot game that has an amazing variety of features and extra bonuses and payouts. The Jason and the Golden Fleece slot comes from the developers at Microgaming and is one of the more visually impressive games in the collection. Everything about the slot is epic as the reels spin and players get to see the amazing graphics and animations that occur. Even the sound effects work well to enhance the atmosphere of the game and make it more exciting. In addition, there are a lot of different ways in which players can improve and increase their wins and payouts just by playing.

Features of Jason and the Golden Fleece

Jason and the Golden Fleece feels more like an adventure video game than just a simple slot. This is partly due to the amazing visuals that are featured. The title character and his band of Argonauts are displayed in amazing details with a lot of vibrant colors that make the reels look like they are alive. Not only this, but the animations that are included in the game work extremely well and don’t run across any glitches that disrupt gameplay. Additionally, the sounds from the game are not annoying at all, and instead at a great element of authenticity to the overall experience. Looking at the control panel, it is obvious that the game is simple to operate. This is great when players adjust both the coin size and the number of coins to their liking. The 25 paylines are locked in place and cannot be changed. Any additional information desired regarding the payouts can be found right on the screen in the paytables.

For the advanced players out there, Jason and the Golden Fleece really only comes with one expert option. There is an autoplay feature that allows the game to be run on its own for a certain amount of spins. This function will stop when a certain payout amount has been reached, when the player stop it manually, or when the spins have run out.

The extra features in Jason and the Golden Fleece are incredible, including 6 different types of bonus rounds! The game also features both a wild symbol and a scatter symbol, which work to increase payouts right on the reels as they spins. This slot also comes with a great free spins feature that is activated by the wild symbol (which also acts as a scatter). Players have the opportunity to win up to 10 free spins and a 3x multiplier, with the top coin payout coming out to an astounding 220,000 coins.

Jason and the Golden Fleece Overall

Epic is the best word to describe Jason and the Golden Fleece. The game’s atmosphere and features go so far beyond just a slot game that it’s unfair to lump this one together with all the other video slots out there. There is no progressive jackpot, but that doesn’t really matter when considering the high payout frequency and the ridiculous amount of bonus features that players can unlock. Take an adventure away from the same old slots and try out Jason and the Golden Fleece.

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