Jewels of the Orient

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Jewels of the Orient Slot by Microgaming

There is so much beauty to be found within the Asian culture, and that beauty extends to the women of the region as well. In the Jewels of the Orient slot from Microgaming, these beautiful women are the focal point of this game that has plenty of rewards and bonus features to keep every player entertained. The dazzling graphics and audio strike right away, and the animations that occur within the gameplay are something to behold. They all work together seamlessly to bring on a gaming experience that is second to none. Of course, this great video slot can easily be enjoyed right from home.

Features of Jewels of the Orient

Jewels of the Orient features a glorious display that respectfully adorns the screen with various regions of the Asian continent, all in vibrant colors and expertly designed graphics. The focal point of the game is the beautiful women who occupy the reels, and who are presented in amazing artwork. Sound in the game add to the atmosphere and make everything feel very welcoming and fun. Regarding the control panel, it is made very simple for all players to understand, regardless of how much experience anyone has. With this game, players are able to adjust the coin value, the number of coins, and the number of paylines.

Seasoned players will appreciate the expert options that are included in Jewels of the Orient, starting with the max bet button. This button allows players to place the highest bet possible on the next spin, all without having to manually adjust anything. The game also includes the very popular autoplay function, which allows the game to run all by itself for predetermined amount of spins with a locked in bet. Players have the ability to stop this feature at any time that they choose.

The Jewels of the Orient slot has a boatload of extra features that will keep the exciting gameplay fresh and fun for long periods of time. Starting off, the game prominently features wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbol can complete winning paylines as a substitute for other normal icons, while the scatter symbols will create a special win of its own. An additional function of the scatter symbol is the activation of free spins through the palace bonus. This sweet bonus feature lets players choose their own destiny with a certain number of free spins, a certain multiplier, and a certain flat coin prize added on to the total. Winning opportunities are gigantic and very frequent with this game.

Jewels of the Orient Overall

In summary, Jewels of the Orient stands tall as a great slot game that has plenty to offer every type of player. There is no progressive jackpot, but it doesn’t matter when one sees the payout frequency and the sheer amount of bonuses that will occur. The gameplay tends to bog down at some point during the action, but it’s not too much of hindrance. All in all, the Jewels of the Orient is highly recommended for anyone looking for a little beauty mixed in with their wins.

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