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Legacy Slot Game by Microgaming

Players who love the classic 3 reel style slots but want a little more out of the experience have found the perfect title in this slot game. The Legacy slot comes from the developers at Microgaming and is a classic video slot that has an extra boost of great features added to it. Players will appreciate the vintage graphics and rolling of the reels that this game offers, as well as the special sounds that work to make it feel more like an actual slot machine. In addition to this, there are enhancements to gameplay that will make players have more opportunities to win a great payout.

Features of Legacy

Legacy is built for simplicity, yet players will still be impressed by its fantastic appearance. Though the game keeps in line with older slot machines, it still features great graphics where the symbols are expertly designed and the attention to detail is obvious. The reels also run smoothly with animations free of glitches and errors. Another plus about the design of the game is that its audio does a great job to enhance the authenticity without driving the player crazy with annoying sounds. The control panel is also made quite simple, giving players the ability to change the coin value as well as the total number of coins. Just like an old slot machine, this game’s paytables are located right beside the reels for easy viewing.

For the expert players who like more freedom over the strategy of gameplay, there are a couple of expert options available within Legacy. The max bet button is included which will allow the player to place the highest bet possible and automatically spin the reels, though it is not much of an effort saver due to the very simple betting options already included in the game. The Legacy slot also comes with an autoplay function, which is a great addition in this classic style game. Players can spin the reels automatically at a locked in bet, until those spins have reached a certain payout amount or the player manually stops the action.

Because the Legacy slot is quite a simple game to play, there are not many extra features included. The game comes with 3 reels and has 5 paylines, which adds a little more winning potential to each spin. However, the biggest perk that will increase payouts is the inclusion of a wild symbol, represented by the first letter in the word “legacy”. This symbol can substitute for other normal icons and will either double or quadruple the win, based on whether it lands once or twice. The wild symbol is also the key to winning the highest possible payout in the game, coming out to a total of 2400 coins.

Legacy Slot Overall

Players who need a break from the complicated style of modern 5 reel video slots will definite appreciate Legacy. This game is not built to have all the bells and whistles, there is no progressive jackpot, and the payout frequency is only on par with other games. However, its 5 paylines and addition of a wild symbol give some serious extra value to what would otherwise just be a novelty game for fans of the classics to enjoy.

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