Mocha Orange

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Mocha Orange Slot by Microgaming

Orange you glad you found this casino game? The video slot Mocha Orange from Microgaming is a classic style slot game with a citrus twist to it. Fans of the old slot machines at physical casinos will love the novelty style of this game. The vivid colorful graphics draw the player in right away, and the vintage style sound effects add to the authenticity of this game. In addition to keeping and honoring the style of classic slot machines, this game also features a couple extra things to keep the gameplay interesting for everybody.

Features of Mocha Orange

Mocha Orange contains an appearance that is, of course, orange. This and other bright colors are prominent across the screen and give off the allure of a real slot machine that players would be on a casino floor. All the designs of the symbols are expertly crafted and give a genuine feel to the overall experience. In keeping with the simple nature of 3 reel slots, the paytable is included right on the screen next to the reels. This allows players to easily see what they are betting on, and how much certain payouts will reward.

The control panel is very basic and easy to use, giving players the ability to change the number of coins, the value of each coin, and also a bet max button to bypass all the extra steps and start the next spin with the highest bet possible. For the seasoned players out there, Mocha Orange also comes with expert mode, in which autoplay can be enabled. The autoplay function will allow players to run the reels by themselves for an established number of spins with a locked bet, until the game is manually stopped or the spins run out.

This Mocha Orange slot contains 3 reels and only 1 payline. Its very stripped-down features keep it feeling like an old-school slot machine. The symbols are fairly common in slot games of this type, with the bar symbols and 7 symbols being included. The game also has a bell symbol and the special orange symbol that is unique to the title. One special bonus about the orange symbol is that it acts as a wild symbol too. This symbol will complete winning paylines and also double or quadruple winnings depending on if it lands once or twice. If a player is lucky enough to land the orange symbol 3 times on the payline, they will be awarded with the game’s top payout of 1600 coins.

Mocha Orange Overall

In essence, there is not much to the Mocha Orange slot. It is more of a novelty game than anything else. There is no progressive jackpot and the features are very limited. However, the game pays out at a nice frequency and is a welcome relief from all the other complicated video slots out there. Fans of the vintage games will get a kick out of this one, and novice players will enjoy the opportunity to learn on a simple slot game. Mocha Orange is not anything special, but it is a fun novelty slot for everyone to try out.

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