Monster Mania

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Monster Mania Slot by Microgaming

The fun to be had in this video slot game is scary good with the various rewarding symbols and great payouts that can be found within. Monster Mania is a slot game create by Microgaming that dazzles players with its vibrant and cool graphics. These visuals are complimented by the authentic sound effects included in the game that make everything feel like the player is at a real casino enjoying a slot machine. In addition, the collection of extra features works to increase payouts and make more opportunities for huge wins during gameplay. This all is made simple with a basic design that is both fun and convenient for players of all types.

Features of Monster Mania

Monster Mania may be about monsters, but it’s not quite the scary game that players might expect. The characters of this game are all rather adorable and come in hilarious designs that are done in a cartoon style. Graphics in the game are very sharp and are full of bright colors, adding to the alluring presence of the appearance. Additionally, the game’s sound effects add just enough to make the better instead of just annoying the player to the point of insanity. Players of all skill levels will be able to play this game right away thanks to the simple design of the control panel. Options include being able to change the number of paylines and the total coin value.

There are a couple expert options available in Monster Mania for those players who want to be able to customize the action. The bet max button instantly wagers the highest bet amount possible without any extra steps and also automatically spins the reels to start the game. The other special feature is the autoplay function, which is great for letting players sit back and relax as the reels spin themselves a certain number of times at a locked in bet. This feature can also be deactivated at any time.

The Monster Mania slot has just enough extra features to keep everything exciting without melting the player’s brain with overly complex bonuses. There are both a wild symbol and a scatter symbol featured in the game, where the wild symbol completes paylines by substituting, and the scatter symbol rewards its own unique payout by appearing anywhere on the reels at least 3 times or more. Though this is the extent of the extra features, they still work well in enhancing payouts and keeping the excitement of the game unpredictable.

Monster Mania Overall

As far as video slots go, Monster Mania is an older title and can’t be expected to have all the new features that are seen in other games. Despite its lack of a progressive jackpot and its limited special symbols, the game does boast a fairly good payout frequency and it will entertain players with its great overall appearance. What’s more is that the game runs well without errors occurring. Players who want a simple classic 5 reel video slot should give Monster Mania a try.

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