Mystic Dreams

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Mystic Dreams Slot by Microgaming

Players are able to experience the beauty and allure of the Native American culture in this incredible video slot game that comes packed with lots of features. The Mystic Dreams slot comes from the developers at Microgaming and has a display that will immediately draw the player in. Both the visuals and animations are top-notch and come in very vibrant colors. These are complimented by nice sound effect that will not get on the player’s nerves, instead adding to the great feel of the game. This appearance is made better with the large number of extra feature that will increase payouts and make gameplay even more exciting. This can all be enjoyed right from home in a format that is completely user-friendly for all players.

Features of Mystic Dreams

The Mystic Dreams slot comes out strong with its artistic display. Graphics featured in this game are absolutely and play a great role in honoring the theme of this game. The symbols are presented in amazing colors, with the obviously expert detail going into each one. Sounds and audio from the game work to enhance it instead of take away from it, and can be turned off at any time. The control only consists of a few buttons, making it very easy for all players to be able to play right away. Players have the ability to control the coin value and the number of coins in this game. Any additional information regarding payouts can be found in the paytables right on the main screen. Unfortunately, there is only one expert option in the game for seasoned players, but it’s really all that is needed. The autoplay function will let the game run by itself for a predetermined number spins at a locked in bet, until those spins have finished or until the player stops the feature.

Mystic Dreams will not fail to impress with its extra features. The game contains 243 payways which are permanently enabled, which right away adds value to each spin. There are wild symbols included in the game which work to complete winning paylines by acting as a substitute for other normal icons. This game also features special free spins symbols that activate the amazing bonus when they line up at least 3 times on the reels. Players well then receive up to 20 free spins with as much as a 4x multiplier. This incredible feature boasts a top win amount of 72,000 coins!

Mystic Dreams Overall

After taking all its features into considerations, it can be said that Mystic Dreams is a great slot but nothing exceptional. There is no progressive jackpot, but the payout frequency is good. The extra features work well in enhancing wins, but they are somewhat limited and don’t happen as often as one would like. However, the visuals and audio of the game hold strong while making overall gameplay very exciting. The Mystic Dreams slot is a great game to experience for players who want a unique and beautiful theme.

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