Paradise Found

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Paradise Found Slot by Microgaming

Travel to another world where complete freedom and beauty are on display in this video slot game that comes with amazing wins and glorious riches. The Paradise Found slot was created by Microgaming and features an amazing display full of life and color. Graphics that are feature in the game give it the look of a cutting-edge video slot and the animations that support the gameplay are amazingly done with flawless motion while spinning the reels. In addition, the game’s sounds create a much more authentic experience similar to that of a real slot machine. This slot comes with a cariety of extra feature and bonuses that will keep the gameplay exciting and offer players big payouts.

Features of Paradise Found

Paradise Found features 5 reels and 20 paylines that are built on a beautiful display. The reels are set against the background of a natural mountainous landscape where the traveler goes to find paradise. This theme is brought to life through the amazing graphics that have a lot of detail put into them as well as lovely colors that make everything look great. These graphics are accompanied by animations that run smoothly through the spinning of the reels and presentations of special symbols. Sound effects that are featured in the game enhance its feel without becoming distracting or annoying. The control panel of thegame is made to be very simple with only a few buttons that control all of the action. Players will be able to change and adjust the coin value, the number of coins, and the amount of paylines on which to bet.

For the players out there who have experience with video slots, Paradise Found comes with a select few expert options that help to make the game even more customizable. There is the max bet button that allows players to instantly wager the highest bet with the click of a button instead of adjusting everything manually. The game also features an autoplay function that makes the game run by itself for a certain amount of spins without the player having to interact. This can be cancelled at any time.

The extra features in the Paradise Found slot begin with both a scatter symbol and a wild symbol. These both enhance payouts, with the wild symbol substituting for other icons and the scatter symbol creating its own unique win by landing on the reels. The wild symbol in the game is responsible for activating the Wild Lotus feature, which is an exclusive bonus game in which reels 1 and 5 are held, and special symbols will appear at random in the middle of the slot, awarding players with great payouts.

Paradise Found Overall

Paradise Found comes across as a great slot, despite its lack of a progressive jackpot and a lower payout frequency. The physical appearance of the game is a great way for players to escape reality and become immersed in a relaxing world of laid-back gaming. Features and bonuses from the game help to boost its appeal by offering special wins and keeping the gameplay fresh and somewhat unpredictable. Every player should give Paradise Found a try as it is highly recommended.

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