Pollen Nation

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Pollen Nation Slot by Microgaming

Everyone is going to be buzzing about this silly video slot game that also comes with a lot of great features and nice payouts. The Pollen Nation slot was created by Microgaming and is a great gaming experience with a hilarious cartoon theme. Graphics and animations all work to bring the community of bees to life in keeping with the game’s theme. In addition, the nice sound effects work to make the game feel like an authentic slot machine. There are plenty of special symbols and bonus extras that will enhance the wins and payouts. It’s all made simple to operate and convenient to enjoy for all players.

Features of Pollen Nation

Pollen Nation makes its introduction with a funny cartoon portrayal of a colony of bees. These cute characters are done in expert detail with attention to vibrant colors that work to catch the player’s eye. Included are sound effects that do a great job of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the game, making it feel as though players are using an advanced slot machine from a casino. The game’s control is very basic, keeping a simple design in mind to ensure that every skill level of player can instantly enjoy the fun of the slot. Players are able to adjust the coin value, the number of coins, and the number of paylines. More information about the paylines and payouts can easily be found one click away in the paytables of the game.

Players that have been using video slots for a while will enjoy the expert options featured in this game. There is a bet max button which will let players bet the highest amount possible on the next spin without having to manually adjust all the different values. The popular autoplay function is also included, and it lets the game operate by itself for a certain number of spins at a locked in bet, until either the spins have finished or the play stops the action.

The extra features in Pollen Nation are numerous and enhance gameplay by keeping players guessing as to what may happen next. There is a wild symbol that completes winning paylines by substituting for other symbols. This wild symbol is also capable of paying out as much as 60,000 coins on one spin! There is also a scatter symbol which creates a win of its own by showing up on the reels 3 times or more. In addition to these standard special features, the game also has a special “Babee” bonus that is a lot of fun with the potential for players to win up to 32,250 coins.

Pollen Nation Overall

The Pollen Nation slot has enough features to keep it competitive with other games out there, despite the lack of a progressive jackpot. Frequency at which payouts occur is at a higher level than most games, making this one appealing. Not only that, but the hilarious theme of the game and its overall appearance make even a low-paying game session very enjoyable. Come try out Pollen Nation and join the colony of players loving this cool video slot.

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