Rabbit in the Hat

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Rabbit in the Hat Slot by Microgaming

For players looking for a magical slot game full of payouts and rewards, Rabbit in the Hat is the game to try. This title from Microgaming features an immersive theme that contains amazing graphics and animations. The sounds of the game really add to the excitement as players strive for big wins. The display is very advanced yet simple to use, making it ideal for all players to get in on the fun. All of this is enhanced by the bonus features that are available to make this video slot one to come back to time after time.

Features of Rabbit in the Hat

Rabbit in the Hat is one of the more impressive slot games when it comes to the graphics. These visuals and animations really set a benchmark in what is possible with online slots. The dazzling colors bring the whole game to life through its symbols and awesome characters. The reels are surrounded by a stage on which the magician performs his magic to offer players a great time. When looking at the control panel, its easy to see how accessible this game is. Players from every level of skill will instantly be able to change the options in the game, from the number of coins bet to the value of coin. If a players has any need for information regarding the payouts, this can be seen simply by clicking the paytable button that is included right on the side of the screen.

For the expert players out there, Rabbit in the Hat features some great options to really customize the gaming experience. There is a max bet function that allows the play to wager the highest amoung of coins possible on the next spin without having to perform any extra steps. This is accompanied by an autoplay function, which will let the game run itself based on the number of spins that are chosen with a locked in bet. This autoplay option can be stopped at any time by the player or when the spins run out.

This slot game comes with 9 total paylines and 5 reels. Though the paylines cannot be changed, this is soon forgotten when players see the extra features that are included. Rabbit in the Hat comes with the popular wild symbols. This symbol can actually expand across the reel on up to 3 reels to enhance the winning potential to a ridiculous level. In addition, there are other special hat symbols that will award the player with free spins, a cash prize, or more. With all this included, players can possibly win up to 50 free spins and as many as 90,000 coins. This is no illusion!

Rabbit in the Hat Overall

The Rabbit in the Hat slot is a spectacular game. Though there is no progressive jackpot, the other features make up for this right away. The payout frequency is surprisingly good while playing the game, and the extra bonus features can happen at random more often than other games. Besides the winning possibilities, the game boasts some truly fantastic visuals and sounds, which grab the player’s attention and keep the gameplay interesting and immersive. Rabbit in the Hat is a must-try video slot for every player.

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