Secret Admirer

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Secret Admirer Slot by Microgaming

Love is in the air when players experience this classic video slot game with a lot of special features and winning possibilities. The Secret Admirer slot comes from the developers at Microgaming and is a great older video slot game that has an excellent display with a lovely theme. The game’s graphics and sounds work well to invoke the feelings of passion and romance, while the animations during gameplay run very smoothly without any issues. There are also plenty of extra features included in this slot to keep every type of player entertained. The whole experience is convenient to enjoy from most places and is also made simple to operate.

Features of Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer is about romantic feelings under the veil of secrecy, but it’s no secret how great this game is when checking out the display. The graphics are great looking, with vibrant colors full of appeal and symbols that were obviously designed with a great deal of care. Accompanying the visual aspects of the game are sound effects which work well to enhance the feelings of playing a real slot machine without being either obnoxious or too loud. The control panel of the game keeps it very simple for even new players to get acquainted fast. Players can adjust the coin value, the number of coins, and also the paylines when placing their bets.

Expert options have been made available for more advanced players in Secret Admirer. First off, there is a max bet button which eliminates the extra effort in wagering the highest bet possible, simply by making it happen with one click of a button. There is also an autoplay feature in the game, which will let the reels spin by themselves for a predetermined number of times or until the player decides to end this function. Last but not least, the game has an appealing gamble option in which players can potentially double their payouts by correctly guessing the color of a playing card. The suit guessing element is not present in this game.

The Secret Admirer slot has both wild and scatter symbols as the beginning of its extra features. Scatter symbols are cool in that they create their own unique win without adhering to any sort of paylines combination. The wild symbols will complete a payline by acting like a substitute for other normal icons in the game. Going beyond the wilds and scatters, players will also have the opportunity to win free spins. These are triggered by the scatter symbol and will award the player 3 free spins each time. More free spins can be activated during this cool feature.

Secret Admirer Overall

From the display to the extras, Secret Admirer has something for everyone. There is no progressive jackpot and the payout frequency is kind of low, but the collection of extra features makes it very possible for players to hit that one big payout that makes everything worthwhile. For being an older title, the game’s appearance and sounds still hold up very well in delivering a fun experience that the player won’t soon forget.

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