Skull Duggery

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Skull Duggery Slot by Microgaming

The life of a pirate is a wild one that revolves around finding hidden treasures and plundering all the wealth and riches that can be found. This is the exact theme that this video slot captures so well through its amazing wins and payouts. The Skull Duggery slot was created by Microgaming and will delight players with its funny and detailed appearance. Graphics from the game are great looking and do a wonderful job in invoking the feel of sailing the seas for booty. The extra features in the game bring this quest to life with bonuses that will enhance wins. This nonstop action is made simple to play and it can be enjoyed without having to travel all the way to a casino.

Features of Skull Duggery

Skull Duggery never ceases to impress with the amazing display it presents. All the hilarious characters and symbols of the game are shown in bright vibrant colors with artwork that is expertly designed. These and the animations add to the great excitement that this slot wants to get across. Sound effects in the game are just enough to enhance it without being annoying or obnoxious. The sounds can also be turned off at any time. Below the reels, the control panel is featured with just a few buttons, making it easy to under and ready to play immediately. Players are able to adjust the number of paylines, the number of coins, and the total coin value.

More advanced players will definitely appreciate the expert options that the Skull Duggery slot has to offer. There is an autoplay feature that allows the game to operate all by itself while the player kicks back and watches. The reels will spins a specified number of times until they finish or until the players stop the action. Skull Duggery also comes with the max bet button that will instantly wager the highest amount possible and spin the reels without any extra steps involved.

The Skull Duggery slot comes with a great variety of extra features that add value to each spin the player starts. There are both wild symbols and scatter symbols included in the game. The wild symbol has the role of completing winning paylines by substituting for other normal food icons, while the scatter symbol will create a payout of its own simply by landing on the game’s reels at least 2 times during a spin. There is also a special booty bonus symbol that, when appearing 3 times on the reels, will trigger a special bonus game where players are able to win as much as 3000 coins instantly.

Skull Duggery Overall

When all is said and done, Skull Duggery makes a great slot game for most players. However, more experienced users may get tired of this title pretty fast. There is no prorgressive jackpot and the features become limited in their frequency and value. However, the normal payout frequency is great in this game and the theme is both exciting and hilarious. Graphics and audio both do the theme justice in making a thrilling video slot. Skull Duggery is recommended as a fun way to dig up some buried treasure!

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