So Many Monsters

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So Many Monsters Slot by Microgaming

Players who are into monsters and slot games are going to get a kick out of So Many Monsters, a great video slot by Microgaming. The friendly creatures, silly animations, and awesome rewards will be sure to please everybody. All the extra features mixed in with the easy-to-use interface make this game pretty unbeatable.

Features of So Many Monsters

So Many Monsters has a very bright and colorful display, with the creatures of the game creatively designed. The interface of the game is made incredibly easy to understand, with any skill level of player being able to get right into the action quickly. The game allows players to change the value of the coins, the coin amount, and also offers autoplay for more advanced users. The autoplay features allows the game to be run by itself for a set amount of spins with a locked in bet, or until the players decides to stop the feature. Anyone who has questions regarding payouts and bonuses can easily find this information within the paytable that is included within the game’s display.

This slot features 5 reels and 25 paylines. While the paylines cannot be changed, this still opens up the possibilities for big wins. So Many Monsters features a wild symbol and scatter symbol. The wild symbol will work to complete payliens and award payouts by substituting for every other symbol except the scatter. The scatter symbol itself creates a unique win by showing up during one spin at least 2 times. In addition to this, the scatter symbol will trigger a free spins bonus when it appears on the reels at least 3 times during a single spin.

The free spins feature of the game is quite cool. It will allow the player to choose whichever symbol they would like to play. Certain symbols are worth possibly more coins and give less free spins, while other symbols will award more free spins with less coins. These options really open up the custom way every player is able to operate the free spins bonus. Another great unique feature of So Many Monsters is the special split symbols. This exclusive addition from Microgaming lets certain symbols split up to 5 times each, making the symbol win potential for a payline an awesome x25!

So Many Monsters Overall

Though there is no progressive jackpot included in So Many Monsters, it will not even make a different when looking at all the other special features that are available. The payout frequency of the game is great, being slightly better than most video slots. Everything about the game runs smoothly without any issues. The graphics and sounds are very cool, and everything regarding the display is quite easy to understand for all players. So Many Monsters is a highly-recommended slot game to try out.

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