Sonic Boom

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Sonic Boom Slot by Microgaming

Fans of the classic style slot machines found in casinos over the years are going to really appreciate this game. The Sonic Boom slot comes from Microgaming and holds up the tradition of a 3 reel style slot with a modern twist and appearance. Players will love the colorful graphics and vintage sounds that are included while playing. These are only made better by the inclusion of extra options that make the game more exciting. Of course, all of this action is brought together on a display that is both vibrant and easy to use.

Features of Sonic Boom

In keeping with the appearance of classic slot machines, Sonic Boom features 3 reels and 1 paylines. Though this is limited compared to more modern slots, the game shines in its simple and vintage style. The colors of the game are a step ahead of the other, as they seem to make the icons pop off the screen. Accompanying the visuals are great sound effects that will make the experience feel as authentic as walking onto a casino floor. Below the reels is the control panel which is made simple for all players to use. Players can control the coin value and number of coins that are bet. The paytable is also right beside the reels, making it easy to see payouts and honoring the classic format of the game.

Advanced players don’t have to feel left out, as the game offer two expert options to enhance gameplay. There is a max bet button to avoid all those unnecessary extra steps in placing the highest bet possible. This can be done with just the click of a button. In addition, the game offers an autoplay function, which will let the reels spin on their own for a certain number of times at a locked in bet amount. The player has the freedom to stop this feature at any time.

Most classic slot games do not have any extra features, but Sonic Boom is different. This game features a wild symbol in the form of its title logo. Not only will this symbol work to complete winning paylines, but it also acts as a multiplier. Landing 1 wild symbol will result in 2x the payout, and landing 2 wild symbols will gives players 4x the payout. This logo symbol, if appearing 3 times on the paylines, will give players the top payout of the game at an awesome 2500 coins!

Sonic Boom Overall

Despite the lack of a progressive jackpot and more extra features, Sonic Boom does a great job at what it intends to do. It is simply a simple classic slot to relax and have a little fun with. No bells and whistles, no overly-complicated features. Just a solid, relaxing slot experience for new and veteran players alike. The nice payouts and vintage design make this game a must-try for everyone.

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