Starlight Kiss

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Starlight Kiss Slot by Microgaming

Love is everywhere in the night sky with this beautiful and romantic video slot game that comes with an incredible display and lots of bonuses. The Starlight Kiss slot was created and originally released by Microgaming just in time for Valentine’s Day, and it’s obvious to see why this game is so fitting for such a holiday. The graphics and animations both work to paint a romantic scene throughout the entire game. Additionally, the audio and sound effects have a subtle yet great effect on the genuine feel of the slot. There is no shortage of extra features included to give players the opportunity to score huge payouts. This entire package is available to be conveniently enjoyed right from home and is made simple to that every player can jump right into the action.

Features of Starlight Kiss

Starlight Kiss will amaze players with its cutting-edge appearance. This game really pushes the envelope of what is possible with the graphics of a video slot. It can be seen in how intricate and detailed the symbols are, as well as the great look of the background and the reels. These graphics are also joined by animations that while elaborate and dazzling, still manage to run smoothly and keep the gameplay free of glitches or errors. Players will appreciate the fact that the sounds of the game don’t come across being obnoxious or distracting, and instead add a deeper feeling of authenticity to the game itself. The control panel is made to be very simple, yet players are still able to adjust the coin size, the number of coins, and the number of paylines.

There are not many expert options available in the game for experienced players. In fact, there is really only one addition that adds a little more custom control over gameplay, which is the autoplay feature. When using autoplay, the player is able to run the game automatically without having to interact with the controls. This feature is great to reach certain payouts with little effort, and of course the players can stop the feature at any time.

The Starlight Kiss slot comes with a lot of extra features that enhance payouts, including a wild and scatter symbol. These symbols both take normal gameplay and make it even more rewarding through their unique functions. The scatter symbol is also the key to unlocking free spins when it lands 3 times or more on the reels. Players will be awarded 14 free spins with every win being double, and there is the chance to enable even more free spins while playing. Besides these features, there is also a special Romance Bonus that offers players up to a 10x multiplier on winnings by filling up the love meter. This fantastic collection is certainly the highlight of the entire game.

Starlight Kiss Overall

While other games just tend to copy each other, Starlight Kiss sets itself apart through a romantic theme, amazing visuals and sounds, and a collection of extra features that include exclusive bonuses. There is no progressive jackpot in the game, but the payout frequency is great and so are the enhancements to payouts and wins. Take a break from the same old slots and try Starlight Kiss for a unique game players can fall in love with.

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