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Starscape Slot Game by Microgaming

Players can now have a chance to explore the universe in all its unknown splendor with the Starscape slot game from Microgaming. This game comes with an absolutely epic feel to it, with bright colors that explode off the screen and awesome sound effects that add to the mood of traveling through outer space. The display itself is very user-friendly even for beginners, and adds to the flexibility that players will have in placing their bets. Lastly, the massive collection of extra features will keep everyone entertained for long periods of time and coming back for more.

Features of Starscape

Starscape is built around the theme of outer space and the galaxy, which the game’s graphics capture very well. The vivid imagery of planets and spaceships is set against a starry background, which will take players out of this world and into another universe. The reels of the game all have bright and clear graphics as well, with all the payliens labeled very prominently. All players will instantly become acquainted with the control panel of the game, which allows changes and adjustments to coin value, number of coins, and also the number of paylines to be played. Extra information regarding playing and payouts can easily be found in the paytables, which are included right at the top of the screen with a single click.

For those experienced players out there, Starscape also offers expert mode that includes an autoplay feature. This function of the game allows the reels to spin themselves for a set number of times at a locked in bet, until the player decides to stop the function or until a bonus game has been reached. There is also a max bet button, which has the job of automatically placing the highest bet possible on the next spin. It is a great function for high rollers who want to skip all the extra steps in adjusting the bet amount and number of paylines.

The Starscape slot has a great amount of bonus features. These features start off with the common wild and scatter icons that are in most modern video slots. The wild symbol works to complete winning paylines by replacing other symbols. In this particular game, it also has a great function of doubling each win it completes, therefore immediately enhancing payouts. The scatter symbol will create a win of its own by showing up during one spin at least 2 times, and is also the key to activating the special bonus game. The bonus game works by allowing players to select hidden symbols until they match 4 together. This bonus feature is really cool and unique, while offering players the chance to win as much as 37,500 coins.

Starscape Overall

Not many negative things at all can be said about Starscape. The only downside for big betters is that there is no progressive jackpot. However, the frequency and amount of payouts and rewards compensate for this missing feature. There was some delay in the game playing the bonus feature, but other than that the game seems to run quite smoothly. In terms of graphics and audio, the game looks amazing and really draws players in. For those looking for out-of-this-world wins and fun, the Starscape slot cannot be beat.

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