The Dark Knight Rises

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The Dark Knight Rises Slot by Microgaming

One of the world’s most popular superheroes is back and starring in this amazing and rewarding video slot game that is based on the blockbuster film that carries the same title. The Dark Knight Rises slot was created by Microgaming and feature Batman in all his glory with an incredible display holding all the action. Graphics from this game are absolutely top-notch, with some scenes even being taken from the film itself. These are complimented by awesome animations that run smoothly with no problems despite how complex they are. In addition, the sound effects of the game add an authentic feel to the whole experience. Extra features are found in large number within the reels while playing this game, and it can be enjoyed conveniently from home through a very user-friendly system.

Features of The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises slot is going against some serious expectations to live up to, considering the magnitude and amazement of the movie itself. However, the game does a wonderful job in offering a great experience starting with the graphics. Batman and other major characters from the movie are included in sharp detailed graphics, including the villain Bane, who will constantly battle with Batman throughout the gameplay. The animations in the game are absolutely incredible in that they show off movie-like situations without interrupting the flow of the game. Sound effects during the game do their part by enhancing the fun without being annoying. The game’s control panel is made to be very simple, and it allows players to control the coin value and the number of coins. The paylines cannot be changed because there are 243 permanently enabled payways.

There is really only one expert option included in The Dark Knight Rises, coming in the form of the autoplay function. This special feature allows players to run the game automatically for a certain number of spins at a locked in bet, until those spins have finished or the players cancels the action manually. This is great for quickly reaching a desired payout amount with little effort.

A major highlight of the game is all the extra features it includes. There are the usual special eild and scatter symbols which work to enhance the payouts during normal play, but there are also very unique bonuses that are exclusive to this game. One special feature is stacking wilds, where the entirety of reel 3 becomes a wild symbol and increases the chance for wins by a much greater amount. There is also the free spins accumulator, which adds multipliers and more free spins during the game as Batman and Bane fight each other. Depending on which character’s bonus a player activates, they will receive those free spins with a certain special bonus that enhances all the winnings.

The Dark Knight Rises Overall

For as amazing a movie as The Dark Knight Rises is, the game actually holds it own as well in being a thoroughly entertaining video slot. Unfortunately, there is no progressive jackpot, but the high payout frequency and the crazy amount of extra features will have players soon forgetting that downside. Put this all together with some amazing visuals and sounds, and players have a slot game that simply cannot be beaten. Don’t settle for the normal slots and find the rewarding superhero in The Dark Knight Rises.

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