The Osbournes

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The Osbournes Slot by Microgaming

This famous rocker’s family was made popular through their hit reality TV show, and now they are made popular once again through an awesome video slot that features a lot of rewarding payouts. The Osbournes slot was created by the developers at Microgaming and features the famous family in a creative and colorful display of reels and symbols. The graphics of the game take the player right into the home of the Osbourne while the animations bring the different characters in the game to life. In addition, the fun and unique sound effects will enhance the gameplay and make everyone ready to play for more wins. It wouldn’t be complete without some extra features, and this slot game has a ton of them to make players win bigger and better payouts than any other games out there.

Features of The Osbournes

The Osbournes will make players feel right at home through its friendly and inviting appearance. The creators of the game obviously put great into the details of the graphics, because the members of the Osbourne family and the various symbols all look great with wonderful and vibrant colors. Animations from the game bring a sense of humor to it and work well to keep gameplay consistent without errors. One perk about the game is that its sound effect won’t drive the player crazy. Rather, they had an authentic feel to the whole experience. The control panel is design to be user-friendly and because of this, players of all skill levels can immediately enjoy the game. Coin value, the number of coins, and the number of paylines can all be adjusted to suit each player’s tastes.

There are 2 different expert options that should appeal to the more advanced players trying out this game. There is a max bet button that lets the player instantly bet the highest amount on the next spin without having to go through and change all value one by one. There is also an autoplay function included in t he game that lets the reels spin themselves for a decided number of times without any player interaction. This can be cancelled at any time.

Extra features in The Osbournes slot will make it all worthwhile. In addition to the usual wild and scatter symbols, this game comes with a special Mini bonus feature that includes the family’s cute little dog. Free spins are activated, awarding players with amazing payouts, and at the same time the dog Mini makes its way to more payout bonuses as the dog’s symbol appears on the reels. This amazing bonus feature allows players to win up to 300,000 coins!

The Osbournes Overall

In the world of slot games, it can be hard sometimes to find the unique titles that set themselves apart from the rest of the pack through one element or another. Not only does The Osbournes slot have a strangely unique theme, it also carries some exclusive bonus games that really help to boost payouts and keep players happy. Though there is no progressive jackpot, the game’s amazing payout frequency is another plus that completely makes up for that downside. Come and live the life of a rock and roll family man for a day with The Osbournes.–en–MAL-Demo&csid=1867&gameid=RubyTheOsbournes&mutesound=0

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