Thousand Islands

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Thousand Islands Slot by Microgaming

The great theme of exploration and adventure comes together with the spirit of a 3 reel slot machine in this fun title that features easy gameplay and some nice wins. The Thousand Islands slot was created by the developers at Microgaming and takes its design after the classic slot machines from previous years. It comes with a nice display that has some cool graphics and animations, both of which well to keep the gameplay interesting. In addition, there are cool sounds that make this game feel more like a real slot machine. Though the game is lacking in extra features, its simple design and easy use will appeal to many different types of players.

Features of Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands is modeled after the classic slot machines that are found in real-life casinos, so its design is the first thing that will stand out to players. Despite its simplicity, the game still contains some great visuals to look at, through its highly detailed reels and symbols that show off expert designs and nice colors. In addition to the stationary graphics, the game also has animations for the reels that work flawlessly, so players won’t need to worry about losing all their winnings to a glitch. Another great thing to point out about this game is that the sound effects make it feel like more like a real slot machine experience, instead of taking away from the fun by being too loud or obnoxious. Players will also see that the control panel is designed to be very simple, and will allow changes and adjustments to the coin value and the number of coins. For convenience, the paytables are located right next to the reels, just like players would see in classic slots.

There are a couple different options for the advanced players who find this game and want to customize it a little more than the normal controls allow. The game features a max bet button which is used to easily wager the highest amount without going through all those steps of adjusting each value in the bet. There is also an autoplay function, giving the player the power to run the game on its own for a certain amount of spins without having to interact with the game. This is quite useful for reaching a payout goal in a shorter amount of time.

The Thousand Islands slot does not have many extra features due to its simple design. There are common symbols included in this game, like the cherry icons, 7 icons, and bar icons. The game also features its own exclusive symbol, coming in the form of a 1000 symbol like the title of the slots. This symbol can be seen as the highlight of the game because it is wild and will complete winning paylines, either doubling or quadrupling the payouts in the process. The 1000 symbol also holds the game’s top coin payout of 1600 coins.

Thousand Islands Overall

In the realm of slot games, Thousand Islands offers a simple and relaxing experience with a wild symbol, but not much more. There is no progressive jackpot and the payout frequency is only on par with other games. The good things that can be said about this game are how easy it is to play, and the nostalgia it can hold for players who were huge fans of the vintage slot machines at casinos. For these reasons alone, Thousand Islands is at least worth a try.

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