Tiger Moon

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Tiger Moon Slot by Microgaming

The mystery and beauty of the Asian culture is portrayed in a fantastic way with this video slot game that features a glorious amount of extra rewards and payouts. The Tiger Moon slot was created by Microgaming and features a magnificent display of artwork and color mixed together to capture the game’s theme in a stunning way. Graphics and animations work in unison to keep the gameplay working smoothly and offering players an immersive atmosphere, along with the sound effects that enhance the game’s appeal. These features are complimented by bonus games and special symbols that increase payouts for every player and keep the gameplay fresh and unpredictable.

Features of Tiger Moon

Tiger Moon involves characters from the regions of Asia and they are displayed with expertly crafted graphics and vibrant hues of color that are set against the beautiful background. The game’s animations also work without a hitch and keep gameplay consistent, because it is definitely frustrating when a glitchy game causes all winnings to be lost. Fortunately for the sanity of the player, the sound effects aren’t overwhelming or obnoxious, and rather give a subtle enhancement to the game, making it feel more like a real slot machine. The game’s control panel is not intimidating at all, and can easily be learned by players of any skill level. Players are not able to adjust the paylines in this game, because there are 243 permanently enabled payways. However, players can change the coin value and the number of coins. The paytables are included one click away on the game’s screen and will give more information regarding payouts and symbols.

Expert players get expert options here. The Tiger Moon slot features a max bet button that eliminates all the extra steps in placing the highest possible. Instead, the player can make this happen with just one click and it also gets the reels spinning automatically. The game comes with a popular autoplay function too, that will make the game run by itself until the player stops it. The bet amount that starts off autoplay will be locked in for the entire duration of the feature.

The Tiger Moon slot has no shortage of extra features, starting with a wild symbol and scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is also the key to unlocking the free spins feature, where players can earn up to 24 free spins. One really cool element here is that the wild symbol, during free spins, will multiply the win amount by up to 20x, which creates some huge wins if the players is pucky enough to hit them. This game also comes with a double up feature that lets players gamble their winnings on guessing a playing card’s color or suit correctly. The color awards a 2x payout and the suit awards a 4x payout.

Tiger Moon Overall

Appearance, extra features, and gameplay all work together seamlessly in Tiger Moon. There is no progressive jackpot in the game and the payout frequency could definitely be better. However, the great special bonuses, free spins, and enhanced payout amounts make for these downsides. Visuals and audio from the game are superb and make playing the slot that much more enjoyable. If other video slots just aren’t cutting it, Tiger Moon is highly recommended and must be tried out.

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