Tomb Raider

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Tomb Raider Slot by Microgaming

One of the coolest video game heroines of our time is making her appearance in this fantastic video slot game that features some intense gameplay and rewarding bonuses. The Tomb Raider slot was created by Microgaming and is based on the incredibly popular video game series. This is achieved through some excellent graphics that show off the reels and symbols, along with animations that keep gameplay fluid and exciting. Additionally, the game boasts sound effect that work to enhance it and give it the feel of an authentic slot machine. There are also a ton of extra features that will keep the payouts coming on strong and make every player happy with the experience.

Features of Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider portrays Lara Croft in all of her exciting adventures that are full of action, and the same can be seen through the appearance of this slot game. The graphics are incredible, showing the title character and other various symbols in fantastic detail with lots of colors that make the icons pop right off of the screen. Animations that are used to spin the reels and highlight special symbols are incredibly smooth, letting the game run consistently with errors or interruptions. The audio for the game works well and doesn’t get in the way of the fun. There are only a few basic options that players will have on the control panel, keeping the gameplay simple and understandable. Players can change the paylines, the coin size, and the number of coins.

For the players out there with some experience playing video slots, Tomb Raider features 2 expert options that make the game even more customizable. There is a popular autoplay function that lets the player sit back, relax, and watch the spins progress as they work towards payouts with ease. This feature can also be stopped after a certain win amount is reached or if the player cancels it manually. There is also a max bet button that makes wagering the highest amount very simple, through just one click of the button.

The Tomb Raider slot comes with both wild symbols and scatter symbols to start off the extra features, with the scatter symbol also being responsible for activating free spins. The player will receive 10 free spins where all wins are automatically tripled, and more free spins can be activated during this time. The Tomb Bonus can be triggered both during the normal game and during free spins, where players will be able to choose 3 different icons and reveal the straight coin payout that will be added to their total winnings. The opportunities are endless to earn some serious prizes from this game.

Tomb Raider Overall

While this slot game cannot compete with the original video game that inspired it, it still turns out to be one of the better video slots on the market due to its features and high payout frequency. Even the bonus features and free spins occur at a high rate, and the visuals and sounds make everything feel more like an action-packed adventure rather than just a slot. There is no progressive jackpot, but that hardly matter with everything else available in the game. Kick those boring slots to the curb and let Tomb Raider bring the action to the screen.

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