What on Earth

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What on Earth Slot by Microgaming

Is there alien life out there? Is it as absurd as it in this game? Let’s hope so! The What on Earth slot game from Microgaming is a fantastic combination of science fiction and hilarious humor. Players will take notice of the silly characters that are included on the reels, which feature lots of vivid colors and awesome animations. The sound effects work fantastically well with this game, and there are a ton of bonus features from which to choose. This all is featured on a layout that is very user-friendly and ready to go from the start.

Features of What on Earth

Humor is the focal point in What on Earth. Though the game revolves around aliens and science fiction, the cartoon aspect of all the creatures here is very funny and will entertain players with ridiculous animations and gameplay. The colorful artwork is all expertly crafted and takes the appeal of the slot to another galaxy. In regards to the control panel, Microgaming never drops the ball and their simple system works well here. Players will be able to adjust the number of paylines, the number of coins, and also the coin value. The ways in which the player can bet are limitless.

What on Earth makes great accommodations for the expert players out there. The game features a max bet button which lets players skip unnecessary steps in order to place the highest bet possible on the next spin. In addition to max bet, this video slot also provides an autoplay function which is great for automatically running the game on its own for a period of time. The game will stop after the specified number of spins has finished, or when the player decides to end it manually. These options open up more opportunity for the pros whom are playing.

The absolutely best thing about What on Earth is the bonus features that it has. Players will get both the popular wild symbols and scatter symbols that are in most games. Wild symbols finish out winning paylines by substituting for other normal icons, while the scatter symbols create their own unique payouts when appearing at least 3 times within the reels. The scatter symbols will also start a special tractor beam bonus game. This game allows players to make their choice between 5 alien ships to see what amazing rewards they will get, from multipliers to more payouts and even another special bonus contest.

What on Earth Overall

This silly What on Earth slot game is great for all player types and is highly recommended. Although there is a lack of a progressive jackpot, this really won’t matter when looking at all the other bonuses that can be won while playing. The frequency of payouts is more or less on par with other video slots, but the bonus games happen quite often and are highly rewarding. The theme of the game is fantastic and is supported well by the visuals and audio. In addition, gameplay runs very smoothly. What on Earth is an addicting and goofy tribute to all that is good about sci fi.

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