Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

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Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Slot by Microgaming

The amazing rewards prizes that are featured when playing on a game show are now available in a video slot with this super cool game that offers lots of chances at nice payouts. The Wheel of Wealth Special Edition slot comes from Microgaming and instantly draws the player in with its flashy game show type of design. The graphics and animations are extremely cool as players spin the reels and try to earn those huge wins. Sounds in the game make it feel like the real thing, and the large collection of extra features make the fun keep going nonstop. This game is available conveniently to play almost anywhere and is simple enough for beginners to join in the fun.

Features of Wheel of Wealth Special Edition

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition takes on the role of a video slot that looks and feels like a rewarding game show. This is evident when looking at all the bright colors and fun graphics that are included in the appearance of the game. A lot of attention went into the details of both the symbols and the reels, which makes this slot much more immersive and entertaining than most. Not only this, but the animations of the game also work to keep gameplay fluid without running into problems that way wipe out winnings. Sound effects that are included do their job without getting on the player’s nerves. The control panel is design to be used easily, and it succeeds in making the game user-friendly. Players are able to adjust the paylines, the number of coins, and the coin value in this game.

Players who have been using slots for a while and want more out of a game will love the expert options available in Wheel of Wealth Special Edition. There is a max bet button featured that lets the player instantly bet the highest amount that is possible without having to adjust each aspect manually. The game also features the popular autoplay which will let the reels spin on their own. This feature can be stopped either manually at any time or when a certain limit has been reached.

The Wheel of Wealth Special Edition slot features a plethora of extra bonuses that make the game show theme really come to life. There are both wild and scatter symbols, which help to increase the odds of hitting a payout by showing up on the reels during any given spin. There is also a special bonus symbol that will award players when it lands on a payline 3 times or more. The player is allowed to choose a symbol and reveal a prize, from a straight coin payout to access to the wheel of wealth, where players can win as many as 10,000 coins.

Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Overall

When it comes to the benefits of playing a 5 reel slot, this game has it all. Despite not having a progressive jackpot, the game has a great payout frequency and extra features that will impress even the most discerning player. The bonuses are highly rewarding and will keep gameplay feeling fresh and exciting for long periods of time. When this is all presented in a fantastic display, there is really nothing bad that can be said about the whole experience.

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