How to Play and Enjoy Pai Gow Poker Online

Pai Gow Poker is the American conceptualized approximation of the Chinese tiles game, Pai Gow. Instead of tiles, the game being played with a deck of 53 standard poker cards: the regular four-suit 52 poker cards plus one joker.

The player and the dealer each get seven cards. For online Pai Gow, the dealer’s cards are dealt face down while the player’s cards are dealt face up. The objective of the game is to generate 2 winning hands out of the 7 cards. One hand has two cards, the other has five. According to the rules, the 5 card hand must have a ranking that exceeds the 2 card hand ranking.

The joker may be played as an ace or as a fill-in card to complete a five card flush or straight. An ace can either be high or low when structuring a straight.
Pai Gow is often described as Twenty One or Blackjack for poker players. It’s each player against the dealer, not other players.

The rules for Online Pai Gow are the same as when played in a casino against a real dealer.

Standard card rankings apply. Unlike poker, all suits have equal value. There is one hand in Pai Gow Poker, however, that you will never see in standard card poker. If the player draws four aces and the joker, you have five aces. This hand beats all others.

As a reminder of the card rankings, these are the official Pai Gow Poker rankings from high to low:

Five aces (joker and four aces)
Next is the Royal Flush (Ace through Ten in same suit)
Followed by a Straight Flush (5 cards in a sequence all in same suit)
Then Four of a kind. (All four of the same rank)
Full House (is 3 of a kind with a pair)
Flush (is 5 cards in same suit but not in sequence)
Straight (is 5 cards in sequence but differing suits)
in the continued order, Three of a Kind (10-10-10, A-A-A as examples, three cards of similar rank)
Two Pair (Two different pairs)
Pair (2 cards of same rank)
Highest Card (If the player has not made any of the poker hands listed above, the highest card in player’s hand is used to determine the winning hand).

Online video play proceeds as follows:

The player makes his bet, usually in $5.00 increments.

The player is dealt seven cards face up. The dealer gives himself seven cards face down.

Next, the player separates the seven cards into two hands. The five-card hand is the high-value poker hand and is called the ‘back’ hand. The two-card hand is called the low-value or ‘front’ hand. The high hand must be of higher poker value than the low hand. If it is not and the player plays the hand, the player automatically lose both hands and the bet.

The five-card hand is ranked according to conventional poker rules.
It is important that you know these rankings even if you have to keep a crib-sheet at hand to remind yourself of the order.

The two-card hand has either a pair or no pair. The individual cards determine the value.

The dealer turns over his seven cards after the player’s hand is set.

He divides his seven cards in the same 2-card and 5-card manner. This is known as the ‘house way.’

The player’s and the dealer’s hands are compared.

There are three possible outcomes for the player. If the player wins both hands, the player then wins the bet less a commission. If the player wins one and loses one, it’s a draw. No one wins, and the bet is returned. If the player loses both hands, he loses the bet.

Once the payout has been made and the cards removed from the screen, the player places the next bet.

The key to winning at online Pai Gow Poker is learning the strategy behind the game. The more you know about the game of poker and the odds involved, the quicker you will learn the game and improve your chances of winning.

New players are often tempted to play Pai Gow as if they are looking at two individual straight poker hands. The fallacy here is that the player must win both hands to the win the set. The two hands must complement each other.

One basic strategy for beginners is to set the two-card hand as high as possible. Don’t make the mistake of selecting a pair in your hand for the two-card set simply because it’s a pair. Often the wiser move is to split the pair in order to win the hand.

Make the highest cards your two-card set even if this means splitting the pair. You only win when both of your poker hands beat both of the dealer’s hands.
Pai Gow poker was created in the early 1980’s by Fred Wolf. When he took over the poker casino at the Bell Club in Bell, California, he realized he needed something to overcome the completion at other larger clubs in the area. Because his club drew a large number of Asian players, he converted the highly popular Pai Gow tile game into a poker game. It was an immediate success and soon spread across Southern California.

Much of the success of Pai Gow poker both on and off line is that it is a slow, relaxing game to play. New players not steeped in the intricacies of straight poker can play next to the most skilled players and not feel intimidated.

At home in front of your monitor playing online Pai Gow Poker, you can take time to consult your strategy charts to arrange your cards and select the best two and five-card hands.

Live Online Casinos

Online Casinos are the online version of the traditional live casinos. They are also called internet casinos or virtual Casinos. Online Casinos allow players or gamblers to play casino games on the web.

Choose the right online casino: Online casino players have their own ideas about what makes the best online casino. For a player who is interested in playing slot games would prefer an online casino which offers plenty of slot games and offer slot related bonuses. As for the player who loves playing blackjack, it is best to choose an online casino that offer bonuses and rewards for playing blackjack.

Here are few things to consider while choosing the online casino game: The casino should offer selection that include your favorite game(s), do minimum /maximum deposit suit your budget, Do your favorite games have the rewards and bonuses offered by the casino, is the gaming software compatible with your device which are the major factors important to online casino players.

How to play: With funds in your account, you are ready to play the game. Some casinos offer downloadable games or instant games played directly from your browser. You will find plenty of games to choose from and decide which game to play. Before you start playing, it is important to understand the rules.
The payback percentages offered by online Casinos are comparable to that of the casinos that are Land-based. High percentage paybacks are claimed by Online Casinos for slot machine games. The payout percentage is determined according to the rules of the game.

The software from companies from like Microgaming are used by Online Casinos.

Variations of the game:

Based on their interface, there are two types of online Casinos: Download only and web-based Casinos(Flash Casino). Some online Casinos offer both of these interfaces.

Web based Casino:

Web based casinos are websites which allow the players to play online Casino games without the need to download the software to their computer. Browser plugins, Java, Macromedia flash, and Shockwave represent the Casino games. All the graphics, sound are loaded via plugin through the web which needs a bandwidth. Flash Casino games are not supported on Apple devices like iPad, iPod, and iPhone.

Download-based Online Casino games:

Software client needs to be downloaded in order to play the online Casino games. Without the browser support casino software connects to Casino service provider.

The programs for graphics and sound are cached on the client machine rather than being loaded from the internet. Therefore, download-based online casinos run much faster than the web-based Casino.

Virtual Casino games:

Here the outcome of the game depends upon the data generated by the pseudorandom number producer generator(PRNG). The order of cards in the card games results from spinning of the roulette wheel, the outcome of the dice throw are all determined by PRNG which use the mathematical instructions called an algorithm to produce a long stream of numbers to generate randomness.

Live dealer Casino games:

From the Casino gambling table the human dealer operates the game in a live Casino game which can be viewed through live streaming video link. The players can communicate with the dealer electronically and make betting decisions. The outcome of the transactions like dealing of cards or roulette wheel spin is converted to a data can be used by the software using OCR technology (optical character recognition).

Just like in the virtual casino game the player can interact with the game except that the results are not determined by automated process but by the real-life actions. These games require a higher expenses in technology and as a result, are more expensive than the virtual Casino games. The live casino games involve staffing like cameramen, Information technology manager, and a croupier running various games and a pit boss.

In most cases, this set involves a minimum of 3 rooms which has a live studio, software server room, and analyst room. Some casino have several game tables in one room while some have only a single game table in one room. Operating a live dealer casino games involves high running costs, which is why online casino games offer only a few most popular casino games in a format such as sic bo, Roulette, baccarat, blackjack. The cost of running a virtual casino game is very low. Online casinos offer many virtual casino games.

Online casinos hosting live games differ in their approach, some provide games via a TV channel where the player can place bets using their mobile phone or with the television remote control without a need for internet connection to their computer while some online casinos provide games via their website where you need an internet connection.
Typical gambling games offered at online Casinos include Baccarat, blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker, Keno, Bingo, Slot machines, and Sic Bo.

Bonuses: Just for signing up many online casinos offer bonuses like making the first deposit to the new players, the bonuses are a form of marketing to attract new players.

Welcome bonuses: It is a bonus on the initial deposit the player ever makes in the Casino. Welcome bonuses come in packages. Casinos may offer welcome bonuses to high rollers whose initial deposit is higher than the standard limit.

Wagers placed in the game: Before you start playing in an online casino it is important to know what wagering requirements are and how they work. Also called playthrough is a part of an online casino bonus offer which you should know. The wagering requirement is the multiple of the value of the bonus and in some cases bonus plus the deposit hich is 20 to 30x that amount.
To withdraw any winning you made when using a bonus you will have to wager 20 to 30 times first. When looking at some of the wagering requirements for certain games, you will see that the value of the wager is usually expressed as a percentage. For example, while playing on a slot machine 100% of the bets contribute to the wagering requirement, but for other games it might count only 50% or 10% towards it.

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