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Free slots, otherwise known as “free pokies“, are a game of luck that is hard to beat. However, you can always improve your chances of winning and lower the house's odds over the player especially by playing free online pokies. This instructional guide is designed to help you master the game of slots and potentially make money doing so. You'll learn how to maximize your odds of winning and will hopefully make a little bit of money in the process. Play Mobile Pokies here.


The first step in the slots guide is to know your bankroll. With slots, you will lose way more times than you will win. Usually, you have to rely on hitting a big spin in order to make money and cover your losses, but this can take dozens of spins to do so. With this in mind, you'll want to use slot machines that use no more than one percent of your bankroll each spin to maximize your chances of hitting a big spin. You should also set a limit so that if you lose enough you get off the machine and either stop playing or switch onto a different game. Just because you've lost a ton in a row doesn't mean your odds of winning the next spin have improved at all, so cut your losses when behind.

Payout Odds

Online casinos make it really easy to check the payout odds on their machines. If you aren't able to find this information then don't play that game. A small marginal difference can be huge, so play on the slot machines that offer the best odds for you. Games with higher betting requirements will typically have better odds so that is something to consider, but this also means that you have a greater potential to lose more money. If you are going to play, try to use machines with higher minimum bets due to the payout odds favoring you.

Types of Slots

The number of reels on a game has a big influence on your chances of winning. Generally speaking, slots with three reels will have the best odds but this may not always be true. Also, keep in mind that slots with progressive payouts will typically have better payouts than slots that don't, but they also give you more losses and will require more spins in order to hit that payout. Your money will go much faster, so make sure you have a big bankroll before going onto a progressive payout slot machine.

Know the Rules

It's important to know the rules of the slot you're playing on to ensure that you are making the most out of your spins. Some slots may only offer jackpots if you're betting a certain amount, or might have weird bonuses that require a bit of strategy. This is especially common on online slot programs because computers give the player more control over their actions. This will also help you understand the various paylines and can contest an incident if there is a glitch and you aren't paid for a win. Some slots will require you to bet on certain paylines, which will improve your chances of winning but at the same time it will increase your overall bet. It's usually a good idea to bet on all paylines because that will be the only way you have a chance at getting a jackpot or big payout.

Know the Minimum Cost Per Spin

You should be quite aware of the minimum cost per spin before playing on a machine. Nothing is worse than losing a couple of spins only to find that your bankroll is completely gone already because you were betting much more than you intended. Slot games can be confusing, and if you aren't 100 percent positive make sure you check your bankroll after the first spin. You should also be careful not to unintentionally adjust your bets by hitting a button by mistake. Keep a constant eye on your changing bankroll.

Don't Raise Your Bet Often

The biggest mistake people make is they raise their bet after a winning streak because they have a higher bankroll, which often leads to them losing it. While a winning streak may be nice and you feel like you can't lose, the odds are still against you and raising your bet means that you can burn through your bankroll fast. Instead, you should take your luck and either run with it or try to win a little more without losing the winnings you've already earned. A common strategy is to subtract your starting bankroll from your current bankroll and just play with your winnings if you're ahead. This way, you either go home a big winner or at least even in the worst case scenario.

Have Fun

Having fun is essential with slot machines. If you're playing solely to make money than you are going to get angry when you lose and will make mistakes such as putting in big bets. Keep a clear head and go into each game as if you're just spending the money to play the game and it's already gone.

Know When To Quit

Knowing when to stop playing is an important part of gambling, no matter which game you're playing. Players will often get caught up in their winnings and make large bets to go big, or may get angry when losing and will make large bets to redeem their losses. Sometimes you will win and other times you will lose, typically losing more times than you actually win money. It's just how gambling goes. Know when to walk away and don't gamble more money than you can afford. If you find yourself getting angry at your losses than stop playing and take your remaining money and come back another time. After all, if you're playing online slots they will always be available to you so it's not like you have to go very far to play again. The best gamblers are able to stay calm while winning or losing and can make the most of their profits or stop their losses early.

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